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audio by artist craig album

Craig Album Volume 16

Deep melodic proggressive, tech house trance.

Hope you enjoy..



Craig is playing at the world famous Gallery at Ministry of Sound on 29th Jan. For discounted tickets, please contact him on He has put together this mix to promote the event - Merry Xmas! As always, crank it up.... Adam

Craig Album Live @ The Gallery, MoS -29/01/2010

Cover (front)

Here is Craig's set from The Gallery @ Ministry of Sound... Hope you enjoy, Ad..

Craig Album Promo Mix for April appearance @ The Gallery, MoS London

Cover (front)

Craig's usual mix of deep melodies and groovy hypnotic beats...
If you're UK based, come down on the night - 23rd April.
Turn it up....

Craig Album Live @ The Gallery, MoS: 23/04/10

Cover (front)

Craig's set from last week - had the place rocking and handed over to Jonathan Ulysye. Who by the way is wicked... Space resident. Enjoy Craig's usual blend of melodies and grooves, effortlessly taking you through the many flavours of house music..... Adam


Cover (front)

A proper builder for the white isle 2010 - deep and melodic... Have a listen, see what you think. Enjoy, Adam...

Craig Album Volume 28 / Tribute to Mixriot

Cover (front)

The show goes on.... TURN IT UP.. Adam

Craig Album - Defining Era Mix

A celebration of the music that inspired me to pick up 2 records and start mixing... Classic tracks that remain as fresh now as they did up to 13 years ago - the mark of great music. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I did putting this together... C

Craig Album Volume 31

A sample of the stuff I am in to right now - enjoy...

Craig Album Volume 32 - December 2010

Mix i've enjoyed putting together more than any other this year... Usual blend of deep house, groovy tech and melodic prog. Cheers, Craig

Craig Album Volume 33 - January 2011

Happy New Year to all - hope you enjoy. Crank it up.. C

Craig Album Volume 34 - February 2011

Cover (front)

Thanks once again for all your support - enjoy February's instalment. C

Craig Album Volume 37, Summer Dawns - June 2011

This is Craig's start of summer mix - only one word for it - epic.
Enjoy the sounds.

For bookings email me at

Craig Album Mixriot Live & On Tour Promo Mix - July 2011

Cover (front)

sample of the type of vibe to expect in denver for the mixriot live and on tour debut on aug 13th. crank up the volume - hope to see you on the dancefloor.... craig album

Craig Album live @ ENDUP:: 27 Aug 2011

Recorded last night - great crowd in a bank holday atmosphere... roof and off...thanks to smight whose killer remix of bastards of funk and sonic union, glitter went down a storm. and special thanks to liverpool. get that volume turned up!! adam.

Craig Album Volume 40 - September 2011

Here is my September installment. Thanks for all your support as always. Mixriot night in the UK to be arranged v soon... Crank up that volume.


Craig Album Defining Era III

Here is the final instalment of my Defining Era series. Tracks that over the years have torn dancefloors to shreds, envoked high fives and knowing nods. And most importantly, stood the test of time and technology. I've included originals, classic remixes and more recent re-rubs that have stayed loyal to the epic-ness of the tracks to give the mix as fresh a feel as possible. This was the music that inspired me many years ago - and continues to today. Hope I've put it together in a way that does it justice. This was and is - the defining era.... Craig Album

Craig Album Volume 44 - November 2011

Cover (front)

Thanks to those of you who listen, support and who voted in the MR top DJ poll. It really is appreciated. Now crank up that volume dial!


Craig Album 'I Trance You' / Tribute To OJO Mix

A special end of year mix - something slightly different - to celebrate the birth of OJO... It's a Trance Out..... Hope you enjoy. Thanks for all your support in 2011...


Craig Album Volume 46 - NYE 2011/12 Mix

Happy New Year to all - hopefully thix mix finds you well. One of my favourites of the year, some great tracks by some great producers....


Craig Album Volume 48 - April 2012

Cover (front)

Been a busy couple of months - recorded in March. Enjoy the sounds...

Craig Album Live @ Echo Boat Party - 15/09/12

Set from Echo - as the sun was setting. enjoy....

Craig Album Volume 52 - October 2012

Cover (front)

Latest volume - hope you enjoy it. Craig.

Craig Album Volume 53 - Nevertheless; Always The More

A return to my normal club sound.... as always - turn it up...

Craig Album Volume 54 - December 2012

Last mix of 2012, hope you enjoy. Thank you for your support and feedback these last 12 months. Merry xmas to all and a happy new year.

As always - turn it up...... Craig

Craig Album Volume 55 - January 2013

Recorded live to ease you in to the new year.. Enjoy, Craig

Craig Album Volume 57 - March 2013

A more uptempo progressive offering. Enjoy...

Craig Album Volume 58 - April 2013

Something different from the usual fare... Occasionally I need a Trance fix.... Hope you enjoy.


Craig Album Volume 60 - Beach Grooves

Summer has begun - I've put together a mix for the beach, or for grooving in the sunshine wherever you are. Hope you enjoy something a little different... Craig

Craig Album Volume 61 - Revert To Type Mix

About time we got back to my usual sound. Let's get down to it.


Craig Album Volume 62 - August 2013

An Ibiza inspired mix of deep melodic beats from my recent trip to the white isle...


Craig Album Volume 63 - September 2013

Craig Album Volume 64 - October 2013

End of summer deep and groovy mix for you all.. Hope you enjoy it

Craig Album Live @ Delaware 25/10/2013

Live set from Delaware - hope you enjoy.... Craig

Craig Album Volume 66 - December 2013

Last mix of the year - hope you've enjoyed the 2013 installments - tried to keep it varied and fresh. Back to my typical sound for the last one. Happy holidays and here's to a great 2014. As always, crank it up....


Craig Album Volume 67 - January 2014

Apols for slightly late upload... enjoy

Craig Album Volume 68 - February 2014

Hope you enjoy my February mix - starts with some deep and melodic tracks and progresses to a more full on club crescendo. Craig

Craig Album Volume 69 - March 2014

apols for late upload....

Craig Album Volume 71 - May 2014

My annual trance fix - comes a point where i have to satisfy the urge... hope you enjoy this collection of prog/prog trance and full on trance... heads down and crank up

Craig Album Volume 75 - September 2014

I can't believe it's been 75 editions. Thank you to all who listen, all who comment and mostly, all that have a love for all things deep and melodic. A special 3hr mix to celebrate 3/4 of a century!



Craig Album Volume 76 - October 2014

Happy Halloween...

Craig Album Volume 77 - November 2014

Part 1 of a 2 part end of year mix...

Craig Album Volume 78 - December 2014

Part 2 of 2 to conclude the year - some great music is being produced right now and progressive is finally taking back it's title after being hijacked by pop artists... Happy holidays and see you on the other side...


Craig Album Volume 92 - December 2019

All, here is my final mix of 2019 and the decade!! Thanks for all of you support and kind comments over the years - they really spur me on.

Have a great Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

For the final time of the decade....... CRANK IT UP.