ARTBAT was incredible... So many good ones... Wish I could pay a subscription to get the videos without ads...


Yeah the Cercle stuff is great. You should check out the Adana Twins set and also ARTBAT on top of a mountain!


That Sebastien Leger was fantastic! And at the Pyramids.. Love what Cercle has been doing..


ha, must have some generators on site


guys, you should check out this set from Sebastien Leger -


Happy New Year Craig!

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audio by artist dj butoane

Dj Butoane - Disco Fat Cat [ Happy New 2012 ]

Cover (front)

Happy Upcomming Year 2012 !
A gift to you guys and my friend Sergiu, again amazing party @ Club Fat Cat. It's a hideout ! :D
The name defines the style. Magnetic electric funky deep tech disco beats.
Just a couple of names: Liberty City, Dindslae, Blank, Dawson, Deepdish

Here's the stuff :)

Enjoy your dance !

Release date: 31.12.2011
Pwd by: Dj Butoane & &

Just now... Slow Disco Tech // March mix for 2012 // Dj Butoane

Cover (front)

Slow Disco Tech

Golden age disco, deep funky tech with two faces - blended with light and drowned into darkness.

Among the artists: Midland, Subb-an, Basejam or the romanian producer Mihai Popoviciu which honestly kicks ass out there lately :)

'93 / 2007 / 2008 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012

Hook yourself up !

Released: 22.03.2012

Dj Butoane - May Promo 2012

Cover (front)

Happy to be in May. Wonderful weather and music going on out there.
My vision for now defeneatly marked by deep funky disco soul with sometimes discreet other times powerful bass and vocals.

Electric and catchy grooves building slowly from the begining. Dreaming while dancing.

Enjoy yourselves !

Release date: 01.05.2012

Dj Butoane - Illegal Grooves 073

Cover (front)

Ready to listen on Soundcloud Illegal Grooves 073

Something different then what Insomnia FM usually shoots out. We have some disco beats, funky house and deep tech house here and there. Let me know what you think of the approach and hope you enjoy ;)

Take a look at the Mix right here ->

Release date: 20.08.2012

Dj Butoane - Sesiones Ilegales 020

Cover (front)

Sesiones Ilegales is a show broadcasted every 2nd and 4th Monday of the Month from 17 CET by the guys from
I usually mix deep house, nu-disco, tech-house, disco and watch out for some heavy techno or progressive techno here and there.

Sesiones Ilegales 020
also @ /w downl.

Massive tunes from Danny Howells, Vicenzo, Piemont, Blond:ish, Maya Jane Coles, Maceo Plex. Really diggin' this hope the feeling will be contagious xD

Released: 27.08.2012

Dj Butoane - Illegal Grooves 015

still dances my shoes off!

Dj Butoane - November Promo Mix

Cover (front)

Deep tech and some funky start. Warming up the dancefloor Kolombo .. killah track! Take us to the factory .. yeah that's the beat that strikes into club house music and the middle of the mix. Set takes a techno approach. Little progressive and some mish-mash for the end :D

You can check it also @

Released 01.11.2012
Pwd by Dj Butoane

Dj Butoane - Gui Boratto is still here (Remastered 2013)

Cover (front)

I don't think there is a dj who doesn't listen back to his past works experiencing pleasant or awfull suprises when it comes to track selection or technique of joining the together. However our base is sitting on bricks labelled past and I believe it's good to feel in peace with whatever is written on them. So I came across 2011's mix I've dedicated to Gui Boratto, one of my favorite out there. One change was done in regards to the track that falls before the last. Is music the same today ? You tell me :) Enjoy! Originally released 9th of April 2011 Re-edited 24th of February 2013 dj b

Dj Butoane - March'ing

Cover (front)

Something to get us dancing and celebrating the upcoming of maybe the most beautiful season of the year - Spring
Tracks from Azari III, Loco Dice, Henry Saiz, Huxley or Guy Gerber.

some tracks are @

Promo mix released 10.03.2013
dj butoane

Dj Butoane - Illegal Grooves 080

Cover (front)

The edition for March is here. Insomniafm broadcasts Illegal Grooves every 3rd Monday of the Month from 18 cet. To listen go to & click listen :)

Here .. just click play :)
I believe it will not be hard to select a style of choice, since I've mixed quite a lot in this session.
deep house / jackin' house / progressive house / breakz / dubstep / hip-hop / deep tech house / dub techno
Well less is more, but hopefully this time more is even more :)


Also avail. on

released 18.03.2013

Insomniafm Likes Romania /w Dj Butoane

Cover (front)

End of May was time for the special Edition Insomniafm Likes Romania

Here's my mix for that -

Tomorrow it's the 3rd Monday of June, therefore we got Illegal Grooves from 18 CET. Selected some smooth deep trippy complex house for the beginning followed by some tech/techno/dub grooves. Featuring songs and mixes from Gabe, Robosonic, Chaim, Saiz, D Keno, Adana & others.

Dj Butoane - Illegal Grooves 084 @ Insomniafm

Cover (front)

July's show @
Featuring tracks from Dio S, Acid Pauli, Steve Lawler, Gui Boratto, Sis and Dusky

Released 15.07.2013

also @

Dj Butoane - August Promo

Cover (front)

Tech-ed & deep in the beginning smoothly going into downtempo even close to ambient and finish off pretty dark dubbed and bass-ed techno.

Hope you'll enjoy and thanks to all !

Released 13.03.2013
dj butoane

also @

Dj Butoane - Illegal Grooves 086 (16.09.2013) @ InsomniaFM

Cover (front)

Every 3rd Monday of the Month you can hear Illegal Grooves only @ Insomniafm.
Enjoy this months edition! & yes I am in love with Summer irreversibly
Tracks from Zoo Brazil, Sasse, Nacho Marcho, Raxon, Jozif, Ripperton, Robert Babicz, Four Tet, Pete Heller & more.

Released 16.09.2013

also on

Illegal Grooves 088 (18.11.2013) @ InsomniaFM (extended)

Cover (front)

Broadcasted every Monday of the month from 18.30 CET by Insomniafm (

As I've promised here's the suprise 1 and a half hour mix how I initially made it. Insomniafm only allows 1hr sets :). This one has no overvoices.

February Promo Mix

Cover (front)

First Promo for 2014. As I have mentioned before I was not able to check much what releases showed up in the past 2-3 months but now finally I took some time and sorted out a few fresh beats ;)
The mix is pretty nasty, probably goes a bit over the idea of a warm-up. Though techno & tech-house tracks preponderate, my idea was for it not to sound blend, with just strong bass and a hiatus here and there so I've added in some other genres as well which hopefully give the almost one hour a bit of a mind game twist.

April Promo Mix

Cover (front)

Quite an energetic mix, hope you out there will dig it! Comments are welcomed :)
Stay tuned for next week's Monday when 'Illegal Grooves' the monthly show will be broadcasted from 18pm CET!
If you want to download & maybe is faster from soundcloud, check
Peace&love to ya all!

Illegal Grooves 094 (19.05.2014)

May's edition of Illegal Grooves, 094 monthly brought to us by
Banging tracks from Tennis, Fur Coat, Spangler, Quivver, Animal Trainer or Dataworx
Got a pretty nice flow going on, hope you'll like it.
released: 19.05.2014

Illegal Grooves 098 (15.09.2014) @ Insomniafm

Cover (front)
Here we go with the edition for September of this year. Inspired from the Apple's glade party we had last weekend with a bunch of Romanian friends where I've spun some tracks, few of them present right here on the mix. Hope you guys will enjoy the experience, it's definitely a more energetic perspective. Peace!