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audio by artist evan zaker

Party Mode 9

Cover (front)

This is the latest mix in my Party Mode series. I started these a while ago. It is just a hobby; taking what I think are the best songs at the time and playing around mixing. I don't have a whole lot of time, so it might be a little bit behind the current songs. They are still some of the best trance, techno, dance tracks that I have found.

Party Mode 8

Cover (front)

Slower techno and some trance from 2008.

This is the 8th installment of mixes that I have been putting together. Nothing too fancy, just good tracks for that year (being 2008). Tell me what you think.

Party Mode 6

Cover (front)

The mix for my 24th birthday. I started the mix live at my party, but then I wasn't able to finish it. I reconstructed it, and here is the final result.

Some of the older tunes are just ones that have stuck with me. Random tracks are actually for that time period: 2007.

Enjoy. Leave comments. It's an old one, but I still appreciate it.

Party Mode 7

Cover (front)

This mix took about 7 months. That's not what the '7' means. The EQing during mixing is a little bit better. I need to work on doing it live, so it'll cut down on the editing time. And, I guess that's the ultimate goal.

For some reason my new computer's on-board sound card decided to die, so I was stuck mixing with one...and since I can't separate out the 7 channels on my Audigy, I was left doing it somewhat deaf. Before I start 8, I'm going to build up a box to mix on. Hell, I've even though about buying a mixer. Too much for a little hobby?

Party Mode 5

Cover (front)


Party Mode 4

Cover (front)

An old mix with tons of Tiesto and Gabriel & Dresden. In my early days I wasn't broad enough.

Party Mode 10

Cover (front)

Party Mode 1

Media (e.g. label side of CD)

This is my first mix. First, I just had the songs compiled on a CD. Then I decided to go through and mix the songs up. I had to adjust things, but it was a good first experience. These tracks are old, but some of them are classics. Enjoy, remember it's not the best.