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audio by artist found atlantis

Found Atlantis - Arcadia (epic trance mix)


2 hour epic trance mix :)

check out for other shizzles

artwork from fiancee becky @

Found Atlantis - Rain in September (1-9-2009)

mixtape 1st sept 2009.

hi guise recently got back into me ol classics and thought i'd rustle up a mix on a rainy evening

Found Atlantis - Next stop, Ascantha (downtempo breaks trip-hop chillout lo-fi nu-jazz lounge funk ambient classical indie mix)


Found Atlantis - Next stop, Ascantha (downtempo breaks trip-hop chillout lo-fi nu-jazz lounge funk ambient classical indie mix).mp3

Found Atlantis - The Green Fields Of Argonia (downtempo, chillout, dub, indie, new age)

Cover (front)

Found Atlantis - The Green Fields Of Argonia (downtempo, chillout, dub, indie, new age)

The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
Conelrad - Samantha Smith
General Fuzz - Reasonable Ability
The Funky Lowlives - Nevermore
Jerome Isma - Underwater Love
Sofa Surfers - Sofa Rockers (R.Dorfmeister Remix)
The Solid Doctor - Lights On The Vibe
The Orb - Outlands (Fountains Of Elisha Mix)
Amethystium - Calantha
General Fuzz- Paddington Bear
Mates Of State - California
The Killers - Everything Will Be Alright


Found Atlantis - Beyond The Ruins Of Midgar (alt punk blacopylpse rage metal gay zombies)

Cover (front)

So, here it is, we're the only ones left...5 years on from the chemical disaster in midgar...what lies beyond though? well let me tell you. RAGE.ZOMBIES.HEADSHOT.

The desolate ruins, only a few survivors remaining, you can feel the rage and the desperation to make it through alive...


Found Atlantis - Freshwater Koi (instrumental hiphop scrap downtempo lo-fi beat triphop)

Cover (front)

something a bit different from me, since being off work over christmas, ive been chilling out and listening that huuuuuge stack of music that ive accumulated over the know? you say..yeah that'll be a good listen, i'll put that on when i get a minute..and that minute never comes.

Found Atlantis - Confessions Of An Insomniac (ambient/derelict noises/chillout)

Cover (front)

original post @

Been listening to ambient stuff from the 80s recently and after one 'strange and cheesy' weekend i decided to put together an ambient set. its quiet to begin with and there are some eerie noises sprinkled in but gets moar interesting near the end..something to ponder and stroke your chin over haha

Toke my ashes and make me a sandwich i'll be back for brunch.

Found Atlantis - Return To Nexus 1999 [goa/breeder/prog/dino-trance]

Cover (front)

got back into actually listening to trance after accidentally stumbling upon an old paul oakenfold mixtape on the internets and decided to put together a proper dance/trance/prog mix that doesnt sound like anything from the present. like a time warp to 15 years ago..when trance was progressive and house

the mixing isnt \o/ but it gets better on as i get into it!

Found Atlantis - Partially Magnetic (happycore/breeze'n'styles/dilated pupils/cheese palpitations)

During performance

Made this the other day for my gf cos she wanted some upbeat dance music to go to the gym with, she said she liked happy hardcore with vocals and all that shit so i decided to knock a quick mix together. It actually turned out a bit better than i intially thought, some of these tracks were part mixed so it was definately a challenge to glue it all together! didnt get any review points on TA though. :( R U FKN SERIOUS??

Found Atlantis - DRNKNSLMBR (70s ambient/sci-fi filmscore/too much DRINK)

A bright coloured fish

Part 2 of my voyage into ambient, a friend lent me some cds of some obscure bands that ive never heard of and it turns out hes a massive ambient nerd. stuff like klaus and tangerine from the 70s, man i never thought i'd get like this, there was some really weird shit hes got on them cds but some of it was very yeahh coooool...i've always liked ambient but for some reason, it seems to be my drug of choice moving from pisswater beers to the good stuff. hard malt liquourrrrruggghh..

Found Atlantis - Petite Chateau! [ambient/experimental/idk/music i wouldnt dance to]

A bright coloured fish

quelle suprise! something short and sweet from me this time round...i was on a cd ripping spree the other

day in itunes and found some interesting stuff i could smash together in a mix, this is the

product of one herbal drink evening. i am pissed off that the first track skips a bit but it

kinda adds to the kitschy-glitschy feel to it. some droney-moaney sounds in there that i

thought were creepy (i listen to too much ted promo.) the swine.

Found Atlantis - East Of Alexandria (moody trip-hop neu-jazz downtempo funk dub spanglish rock)

A bright coloured fish

East Of Alexandria (moody trip-hop neu-jazz downtempo funk dub spanglish rock)

yes. its that time again..i have once again been inspired by my fellow TA's to make a know who yous are

Found Atlantis - Bloodshot [drum and the bass/pendulum/chavs with guitars]

Leaflet page

been a while since i bashed out a drum and bass mix...the last one was very sampled, i think i was mixing this together while still in 'trance' mode so its a bit...mehh but there are some rather tasty transitions in there that i thought were worth posting this mix..maybe you like maybe you like nuts more.

i know theres alot of pendulum in there...for gods sake they're not even drum and bas!!! right??

the story behind the name of the mix btw, i did this one pretty late at night on a weeknight(im a fkn genius ey?) so my eyes were very...

Found Atlantis - The Generator [mctrance/etards/trance energy 2000/more lazers]

Leaflet page

Recorded this yesterday after being inspired by SYSTEM-J's mix improper trance

took me back to my teenage years listening to that mix, being in college and carefree (well to a degree) and how things have changed, especially music of the electronic kind..

Found Atlantis - Epic Trance Classics NYE 31-12-2010 (trance energy/cheeze royale/bears with lazers)

Cover (front)

this. me old briefcase is the mix for 2010. i've been out of touch with trance lately, i always seem to have other pressing issues to comprehend with..broken laptops, employment, broken vehicles and the gf has been ill also, so i've not had the time but! up to the run up to 2011 it seems a shame not to have something special (i managed to get a day to myself and made this)- a classics mix for you all, to bring yous all into the new year, lets all get incredibly MUNTED. (beers. i have many many beers)

Found Atlantis - The Orange Peel [downtempo/trip hop/acid jazz/instr.hip hop/chilled beets]

Cover (front)

i grind from behind, im blind, i find, my time.. in numbers which is prime and greater than a dime but smaller than a lemon but sour as a lime, a line? no thx. i'll take a hit and smoke this shit..

downtempo momento numero uno bueno mixo for you..o today with sprinklets of hip hop, fused with acid jazz notes and the odd nagger here and there. havent done a mix in a while but this is the latest one i've been messing with. some of the transitionals i fluffed up but do you notice deez mis-tacos? TOO MUCH YAYO IN MIENE SANDWICH.

Found Atlantis - Luna Express (cybertrance/ euro dance/ euro trance mix)

Cover (front)

latest mix from me- been away for far too long so the mixing is a little bit dodgy! some transitions are rough as bears lol

Found Atlantis - Luna Express (cybertrance/ euro dance/ euro trance mix)


Mario Lopez - The Sound Of Nature Part 2 (Red Sector Mix)
ian van dahl - Will I (Flutlicht Remix)
Mr. Phillips - 7th Day (CJ Stone Rmx)
Aquagen - Hard To Say Im Sorry (Flip & Fill Mix)
Red Sector - Invasion over Berlin
Scooter - Ramp (The Logical song)
Maras - Chance (Going Up Remix)
DJ Energy - Peace (To the World) (Redwing Mix)
Blank & Jones - The Nightfly

Found Atlantis - The Jaded Realm Of Northern Majestia (chillwave/indie/ethereal/pop/ambient/lazy synths)

Cover (front)

different one from me this time round, my last mix was a aggressive dirty dark jungle type...on the flipside of this is colourful pop scenery, lazy lazy sunday afternoon music, soundtrack for dreamers and procrastinators.

Found Atlantis - Attack Of The Coranin Wolves (techstep darkstep jungle mix)

Cover (front)

In the forests north of the Silverspires lies the small town of Havershan. Proclaimed as the best lumberjacks in the Empire, Havershan lumberjacks are noted to have cut down a mighty oak in only a few swings of their bladed axes. While normally peaceful, the small town has been at odds with a local bandit lord who has taken up refuge in the forest. As if it could not be worse, just down a western trail is the demon infested ruins of what was once the greatest city in Kaldana, Serpolis.

Found Atlantis - Through The Wormhole (Drum & Bass/Dubstep/Dopestep/Wallofnoise/Liquid/etc)

Cover (front)

im not a drum and bass dj, you can tell from the mixing lol which is a bit shit but a nice selection of tunes none the less

mostly new sounds with sprinklets of 'old world' tunes in there and some dubstep which has grown on me like moss.


Found Atlantis - KPNSKY (ambient/drone/soundscapes/salt in the wounds)

Cover (front)

rite, ive had some ambient kicking around rite? so i get fully involved into pozz's archipelago and the mind was blown, very much like my speakers rite? rite?