well played C, forgotten how this set intro-ed a "new" take on DnB that was part jump-up but w/rude beats & throwback samples


Rare live set from ETI.. Recommended..


just thought id bring this bad boy up again

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audio by artist john 00 fleming

John 00 Fleming - The Deeper Side Mix (23-12-2010) (60 Min mix)

You all know by now that I'm a DJ thats simply passionate about music, this comes first to me. I haven't been comfortable over the past few years how the scene has progressed with people expecting DJ's to play all the hits when they perform in clubs. DJ's get pigeonholed into certain sub genres and are expected to play that sound only. I myself sometimes seemed to become a victim of that, I found myself playing harder sets due to the pressure/climate and tagged a 'Psy DJ'??

John 00 Fleming - Global Trance Grooves 100 (JooF 2hr Mix)

Its 100th global trance grooves edition. 2 hr mix by JooF. That is all you need to know.....its in the same vain as his EM from 2010 he says.

John 00 Fleming - Global Trance Grooves 101 (Guest Mix Orkidea)

JooooooF again for September 2011. Tracklist is on his facebook page, I am too lazy to get it at this time. You find it post it.

John 00 Fleming - Global Trance Grooves 102 (Guest Mix Liquid Soul)

Tracklist on his FB page, find it if you wish.

John '00' Fleming - Live @ Gatecrasher (30-05-04)

An oldie but goodie from John 00 Fleming

John 00 Fleming - Tickle, The Cross 1999

Cover (front)

John 00 Fleming - Global Trance Grooves 105 (Guest Mix Dejavoo)

Cover (front)

GTG for Jan 2012

John 00 Fleming - Live at Digital Society's 5th Birthday (O2 Academy, Leeds) 2012-01-27

Thank you for the kind comments who enjoyed my set at Digital Society. You lot were truly an awesome crowd, I'm falling in love with playing in the UK again. Thank you. Also thanks for the comments from people who were listening to the live broadcast on Digitally Imported. Sorry for the few wobbly mixes, the monitors were seriously hurting my ears with piercing high frequencies, so had to sacrifice those mixes to make sure I didn't damage my hearing.