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audio by artist mark farina

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz _ live in San Antonio TX 1997

Mark throwin' down a mid90s Mushroom Jazz selection. Bit more on the house tip than his studio workings of the same sound, but funky fungi of the jazzy persuasion all the same.

Mark Farina_Mushroom Jazz 7 (tape series)

Long before Om began producing the Mushroom Jazz compilations, Farina was creating promo mixtapes of the same name for urban jazzers of the American underground. Some 20+ Mushroom Jazz mixes were making the rounds, each an appetizing selection of blue grooves alongside hip hop beats & rhymes.

Mark Farina_Mushroom Jazz 8 (tape series)

Yep, Mushroom Jazz of the mid90s tape variety.

Mark Farina_Mushroom Jazz 16 (tape series)

Jazzness + hip hop beats = Mushroom Jazz.

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz, House Arrest Radio - 2006

Funky dope jazz set from July 17, 2006.

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz 17

From the mid90s mixtape series, dope jazz & hip hop grooves.

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz 20

Another of the Mushroom Jazz mixtape series. Of all the MJ releases, CDs & mixtapes spanning a period of nearly 20 years, this intro + first tune for this set might just be my very favorite -- a catchy dope beat, apple talk a la Francaise, soundscape synth movements. Couple old K&D tunes & some magnificent turntable mixology on show. Good times, yo.

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz 10_i

10th installment of the legendary Mushroom Jazz mixtape series.

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz 10_ii

2nd piece of the 10th installment. Jazzy vinyl Chicago stallion styles.

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz - live@Lords of the Underground - 2006

Live. Mushroom Jazz. Hip Hop & dope beats. That's right.

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz (Unknown mixtape)

Mark Farina - Childlike Wonder - A

Tape rip from 1992. Farina throwing down San Fran house in his Chitown style.

Mark Farina - Childlike Wonder - B

Flipside to the '92 mixtape.

Mark Farina - To Grow In - B

House music, Chicago-San Francisco variety, 92-96 era.

Mark Farina - Almost Summer 1

Farina pushing groovy house grooves way back when. An early to mid90s tape rip of serious status amongst San Fran & Chi-town house gangsters.

Mark Farina - Tahoe Snow Session

Cool house grooves.

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz 13

Another of the legendary mixtape series, this one is definitely more on the uptempo acid jazz tip. Put on those loafers, pull up your slacks, pour yourself a bevvie, saunter on over to the stereo, turn it up, become one w/the horns, strut your stuff.

Mark Farina - Test Sound, 5/15/2011

Mark Farina - JJJ Mixup - 4/23/2011

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz, Vol. 13

Cover (front)

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz, Vol. 19

Cover (front)

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz, Vol. 12

Cover (front)

Mark Farina - live @ lords of the underground - mushroom jazz set

Mark Farina - live @ lords of the underground - mushroom jazz set

[199X - Mark Farina - Lunch Mix

Not seeing this one as much anymore