awww i missed it i dont have FB anymore. I'll be sure to check the recording on here but I was there in spirit!!


Great job Craig!


you don't need to have a FB account... just follow the link to the stream


Live now!!!!


Jump on your wife's FB drumaddict chicago!

drumaddict chicago:

TOO Busy listening to all the great Rave Relics coming out on the lockdown

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JPS - Old Skool Hard House Vol.4

Have been given a load of hard house golden oldies by a mate of mine, so I've done a new mix. Would've been rude not to. So step back in time for a session of UK hard house. Bosh, etc.

JPS - Trance Sessions March 2012

An hour of spaced out, trippy, thraptastic trance. Proggy to start and banging basslines to finish things off with.

JPS - Old Skool Hard House Vol.3

Volume 3 of the hard stuff, this time mixed on my new DJ set up.

JPS - DeEpDaRkPrOgPsY Vol.2

Volume 2 of trippy progressive psy, deep trance and filthy my fave piece of music from the Bladerunner soundtrack.

Love every one of these tracks, especially Perfect Stranger 'Living In' and Sunstryk 'Beyond Light'.

Its also the first proper full length mix I've done on my new toy: Numark Mixtrack Pro + Traktor. The old Pioneer CDJ's will be missed though..

Set bass to maximum and volume up to 11 - Enjoy!

JPS - Old Skool Hard House Vol.2

My final mix on the Pioneer CDJ 500's and DJM 500 mixer I've had for years... I thought my farewell mix (on that trusty old set up) should be about the music that got me into DJing and clubbing in the first place all those years ago...Thumping Hard House and Hard Trance. Standout track: Jon Doe - 'Phaze One' as its been a fave of mine since I first heard Steve Thomas (TRADE) play it at Captain Tinrib's night Fish @ Crash in Vauxhall back in 2000ish to devastating effect! Very rare and was going for silly money on ebay a while back. Enjoy!

JPS - Hypnopsyze Vol.2

Twice as long and twice as strong, though you cant wipe yer bum with it, its Vol.2 of some groovy progressive psy tunage.

1. Sonic Cube - Supacheap
2. Audiojunkies – Something For Your Mind (Dub Mix)
3. 9 West – Let Me Tell You
4. Piet Kaempfer – Do While
5. Earsugar – Mindprint
6. Sonic Cube – The Promise (Sonnenvakuum Mix)
7. Jaia – Out Of Orbit (Vibrasphere Analog Tape Mix)
8. Earsugar – Stay
9. Ace Ventura – Sao Paulo (Sensient Mix)
10. Anton Cherkinov – Lunar Dolphins
11. Ace Ventura – Psychic Experience

HypnoPsyze Vol.1

First in a series of mixes where i'll be mixing up progressive, progressive psy and the deeper darker side of tech trance, all with a nice hypnotic spaced out groove :) First up is a 127 to 131bpm hour long mix with a belter of an old track to finish things off with!


1. Miika Kuisma - Honey
2. Sonic Cube - Backstage Girls
3. Weekend Heroes - Sleep Late
4. Save The Robot - Mars Needs Time
5. Kaempfer & Dietze - Stage Clear
6. Eitan Carmi - Blazed
7. Antix - Tame The Beast (Andre Absolut Mix)
8. Tempo Giusto - One Among Others
9. PVD - For An Angel (Miika Kuisma Mix)

JPS - Retro Trance Vol.1

A trance mix with a driving groove featuring tracks from yesteryear either in original or remixed form. Party like its 1999! Hope you like :-)


1. Mauro Picotto - Pegasus (Tea Remix)
2. Paganini Trax - Zoe (Original Mix)
3. Ambassador - Fade (Original)
4. Oliver Lieb - Substraumstimulation
5. Yves De Ruyter - Feel Free (2007 mix)
6. Push - Universal Nation (Ferry Corsten Mix)
7. Binary Finary - 1998 (Ronski Speed Mix)
8. Neal Scarborough - Madagascar (Sophie Sugar Mix)
9. Marc Dawn - Expander (Flutlicht Mix)
10. Bruno Fergani - Combined Forces


Pretty much is what the title a little bit of tech trance and one real oldie that has been a favourite of mine for years (16C+ - 'Under4Ever').



Sci-fi sampling-melodic-anthemic-groovy-trippy-banging trance (In that order pretty much).

Comments always welcome.

Hope you like. Enjoy!