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Completed Kiss100 2002 album



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Member Mixes

PAULEmix - 09 10 2019

52:01 minutes (71.45 MB)
Cover (front)

Latest tracks I downloaded from Beatport, mixed by myself on my Wego4
128.5 BPM

Deep Nigth 09-28-17

1:08:08 minutes (156.14 MB)


40:35 minutes (55.75 MB)
Cover (front)

A short mix of recent Techno downloaded off Beatport mixed by me on my Wego4

Stuart J - Melodic Anger

1:31:09 minutes (208.68 MB)
Cover (front)

melodic waves

Mix #7 - January 2019

1:06:17 minutes (151.74 MB)
Cover (front)

New mix featuring Sasha, La Fleur, Cristoph, Dave Seaman, Collective States, Quivver, and more on labels such as Last Night On Earth, Selador, Bedrock Records, High Tide Recordings, and others.


Juan SDT - Deep Night 02-20-2018

17:42 minutes (40.5 MB)

Juan SDT @ 03-30-2015 pte II live IUC

1:43:20 minutes (236.54 MB)
Cover (front)

Stuart J - Snow Blindness

1:31:09 minutes (208.68 MB)
Cover (front)

Blissful and Melodic

Stuart J - Last Abbey Mix 29-08-2018

1:08:46 minutes (157.44 MB)
Cover (front)

moving house is a pain in the arse , but i managed a few mixes the first one includes the massive track
Y-Traxx - mystery land ( Spektre mix )

Mix #6 - November 2018

1:07:23 minutes (154.24 MB)
Cover (front)

Jim Rogers - Mariana Style-y

1:51:19 minutes (255.67 MB)
Cover (front)

For those who prefer their beats a bit low slung... Kicking off with some dreamy, hypnotic slow motion house with an 80s/90s twist, then chugging pleasingly towards a gratifying Nu-Disco-y conclusion. Put this into your ears. You know it makes sense.

Mix #5 - August 2018

53:54 minutes (123.42 MB)
Cover (front)

Jim Rogers V Steve McIntosh

1:59:01 minutes (272.41 MB)

Recorded live in Steve's kitchen...

Stuart J - Broken Sun

43:25 minutes (99.38 MB)
Cover (front)

( Ibiza ) including Faxing Berlin by Deadmau 5

stuart J ( Uneven parallel ) - Sleepy Thunder

1:11:42 minutes (164.12 MB)
Cover (front)

Audio fixed

Stuart J - Ocean Sun

1:20:27 minutes (184.15 MB)
Cover (front)

Northern Ireland sun , hard to come by but this mix enpired by the rays

Juan SDT - Deep Night 12-27-17

2:40:00 minutes (366.24 MB)
Cover (front)

Dj Luminol - Manic

1:43:54 minutes (237.82 MB)
Cover (front)

A journey through and between the melodic, beautiful, happy side of trance and the dark, serious, hypnotic side.
All new tracks in classic style dark and hypnotic Progressive House, Progressive Trance and Progressive Breaks mostly. Real Progressive. Not the crap that gets labeled progressive these days that has an extended version remix that's 5 minutes long. I'm talking 8 to 12 minute songs. Real Progressive.

Stuart J - Mar18

1:21:24 minutes (186.34 MB)
Cover (front)

melodic tectno

PAULEmix 22 feb 2018

28:32 minutes (32.68 MB)
Cover (front)

Just me messing with some older techno on a wego 4

Mix #4 - February 2018

1:06:26 minutes (152.07 MB)
Cover (front)

Mix #3 - October 2017

1:07:15 minutes (153.93 MB)
Cover (front)

Mix #2 - September 2017

1:02:50 minutes (143.84 MB)
Cover (front)

Uneven Parelle

1:47:43 minutes (98.63 MB)
Cover (front)

Ibiza tracks i may play a certain way but tried to keep a melodic edge

Topo - Voice From The Underground On Mcast 097

1:19:38 minutes (109.38 MB)
Cover (front)

Topo - Voice From The Underground On Mcast 097

Topo Presents - Active Brand 088 (Insomniafm)

1:01:05 minutes (83.93 MB)
Cover (front)

Topo Presents_Active Brand 088 (Insomniafm)

Colmcast 22 august 2017 promo mix

2:06:10 minutes (288.87 MB)
Cover (front)

New one from me :) 2 hours of some of my fav tunes old and new, a lot of my own edits in there as well .
please feel free to comment , share or hit me up for a track id

Mix #1 - July 2017

1:03:51 minutes (146.16 MB)
Cover (front)

Stuart J -Melodic Funk 2

44:56 minutes (102.86 MB)
Cover (front)

Melodic Funk 2


55:30 minutes (127.05 MB)
Cover (front)

A mix of tracks from Dj Download & Dj Tunes (2008-2012) but mixed on 08-04-2017


Topo - Teatris Show 004,Active Brand 048,Mcast 057

Topo - Teatris Show 004 (Insomniafm)_deep mix_
Download Link:


Topo Presents_Active Brand 048 (Insomniafm)
Download Link:

1.Korablove - Sociopath (feat. Ed Vertov) [Pro-Tez]
2.Nadja Lind - A Choice [Lucidflow]
3.Andreas Bergmann - Eagel steagel [Outside The Box Music]
4.Mike Montano - Volar (Montano Sunset Mix) [Deep Trip]
5.Juan Lombardo - Deep track [Deep Nota Records]
6.Levi Verspeek - Feeble (Elkan Frank Remix) [iFROMINAL]
7.Dynamik Dave - SaltLife [Lip Recordings]
8.Lorenzo Bartoletti - Slight Needles (Barem Remix) [Mindshake Records]
9.Outcode & Andres Power - El Fuckero [Deux Minds Records]
10.Juan Mejia & DJ Wady - Gypsy Eyes (Metodi Hristov Remix) [Dutchie Music]


Topo - Voice From The Underground On Mcast 057
Download Link:


Topo - Bon Voyage 013,Active Brand 044,Mcast 053

DJ Topo Presents_Active Brand 044 (
Download Link:

1.Cozzy D & Eric Volta - The Gift (Kevin Griffiths Northern) [Four:Twenty Recordings]
2.Claire Ripley & Zeitgeist - Pixie Bob [Voltaire Music]
3.Green Velvet - Flash (Channel X Remix) [Tretmuehle]
4.Cool Brothers - 32 Dip [Vulcania Records]
5.Chase Buch - Little Things [Monique Musique]
6.Jeff Mason - Illuminate (Hollen Remix) [Dirty Deluxe Records]
7.Jose M & TacoMan - Tom Collins [The Room]
8.Hollen - Pin Puk (Tony Dee Remix) [Prospect Records]
9.Jon Rundell - Can't Stop [Rekluse]
10.Jay Lumen - All I Want [100% Pure]


Topo Presents_Bon Voyage 013 (Midnight Sound Radio)
Download Link:

1.Zielgruppe - Naughty Child (Naugthy By Nature Remix)
2.Markus Homm - Gone To Soon
3.Okain - Bring Back The Cows (Barem Remix)
4.Franksend and Tom Wax - Tschuwanna
5.Prompt - Mechanic
6.David Herrero - Deeper Mind
7.Glovibes - Milk & Pepper (Ismael Rivas Factomania remix)
8.Supernova (Italy) - Reelin'
9.Jawoo & Static Sense - Pray With Us (Igor Krsmanovic)
10.Toni Rico & Bobkomyns -The Keys Of The Soul


DJ Topo - Voice From The Underground On Mcast 053
Download Link:


DJ Topo - Voice From The Underground On Mcast 048

DJ Topo - Voice From The Underground On Mcast 048
Melodic progressive-house mix decorated with soft sounds
Download Link: