That Sebastien Leger was fantastic! And at the Pyramids.. Love what Cercle has been doing..


ha, must have some generators on site


guys, you should check out this set from Sebastien Leger -


Happy New Year Craig!


happy new year to all


January mix is up

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#0148 - Derrick Carter - 1996/09/01

  • Title: #0148 - Derrick Carter - 1996/09/01
  • Artist: Derrick Carter
  • Album: Essential Mix
  • Year: 1996
  • Genre: House
  • Length: 1:59:44 minutes (164.43 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)
Type of Music: 
Your rating: None Rating Average: 9 (2 votes)


Posted that last comment at

Posted that last comment at just before half way, but the second half made me eat my words. Liking it more and more.

I can understand this being

I can understand this being superb for those liking this brand of wall-of-sound house grooves. Sounds technically great, but not exactly my cup of tea. Some of the grooves are hypnotically excellent, but I also faze out from time to time. Horses for courses.


01. ABC - How To Be A Zillonaire [Phonogram]
02. Ruffneck - Move Your Body RX's [MAW]
03. BOP - Heaven [Rufftrack]
04. DJ Phats - Phatman Boogie [Afrocuts]
05. Discoaine - Love Da Break [Jus - Trax]
06. 3T - Tease Me [Epic]
07. GU Featuring Terence FM - Don't Sop The Feeling [Cajual]
08. Rhythm By Nature - Intafunkin [Soultana]
09. Nail - Le Chien Est Dans La Table [DIY]
10. A Man Called Adam - Que Tal America [Prescription]
11. Trankilou - St Glin-Glin EP [BPM France]
12. House Of Wax - Fucked Up [Luxury Service]
13. LZ Love - See The Light [Slip 'n' Slide]
14. Solid Trax - Outta Control [Solid Grooves]
15. Dee Jacobee - I'm Alive [Mercury]
16. DJ Sneak - Disco Breaks [Strictly Rhythm]
17. Last Disco Superstarts - Themo [Grow]
18. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - March On Washington [Gorgy]
19. Arthur Baker - You're Mine [Minimal]
20. Afro Cube - Sugar Cane [Strictly Rhythm]
21. Electric Circus - It's Magic [Freeze]
22. Todd Terry - Make That Move Part Two [Ministry Of Sound]
23. Mayday - Freestyle [Pheerce City]
24. Cajmere - Only 4 You [Cajual]
25. Herbert - On The DanceFloor [Classic]
26. Trackman - Wickety Wak [Ideal]
27. Gipsy Kings - La Rumba De Nicolas [Nonesuch]
28. Bassment Jaxx - Fly Life [Atlantic Jaxx]
29. Nail - I Think It's Love [DIY]
30. Transatlantic Soul - Release Yo Self [Ultra]
31. Solid Tracks - Outta Control [Solid Grooves]
32. The Fixx - One Thing Leads To Another [MCA]
33. Sound Patrol - If I [Organico]

Soooo Good!

Derrick makes his Radio One debut with a bang! It begins with ABC "Millionaire" acapella- brilliant stuff. I have listened to this more times than I can count. Such happy, upbeat music. Some where towards the end he tosses some The Clash into the mix- it's clever and quirky and no one mixes quite like him. DC 4ever!!