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Banger N Mash's Coming of Age Mix - 2010-09-23

  • Title: Banger N Mash's Coming of Age Mix
  • Length: 76:45 minutes (105.41 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)
1.Tim Berg,Norman Doray,Sebastien Drums w/ Julie McKnight- Tweet It Home (Banger n Mash Bootleg)
2. Tristan Garner- Jazz Me Up
3.Junior Sanchez, Alexander Technique, Harry Romero, Shawnee Taylor - Where You Are feat. Shawnee Taylor (Steve Angello Edit)
4. Avicii vs Philgood-Samba De Vega_(Original_Mix)
5.Sgt Slick - Everyday (Digital Lab Remix)
6.Swedish House Mafia - Miami 2 Ibiza (Sander van Doorn Remix)
7.Pryda - Niton (Original Mix)
8.Axwell-Nothing But Love (TV Rock Remix)
9.Kris Menace- Lockhead feat. Douze (Steve Angello Edit)
10.Danny Freakazoid, Matt Caseli-Sign Your Name (Across My Heart) (Sebastian Krieg & Roman F. Remix)
11.Prok & Fitch vs Todd Terry w/ Nina Simone- Sinnerman Going On (Banger n Mash Bootleg)
12.Louie Vega & Jay 'Sinister' Sealee starring Julie McKnight - Diamond Life (Daddys Groove Magic Island Rework)
13.SHM feat. Sander Van Doorn - Reach Out With LTB (Club Banditz Florence The Machine Intro Edit)

Hot Toronto Duo Banger N Mash produce another top shelf set.
Be sure to check out the Banger N Mash produced bootlegs and remixes featured in this set.

Rating Average: 5 (6 votes)




yeah i appreciate it guys

its more for them, they want some honest feedback!!

WheresWaldo, From an


From an objective standpoint: great mixing, which appears to have been done on CDJs rather than computer (please correct me if I'm wrong), and all in key from what I could tell, and for which I give them great credit. It was a very high energy mix, something that would definitely get the crowd moving right away. I think the track selection was decent but I would have liked more variation than (as munkyn said) mainly SHM or those type-sounding tracks for the first 3/4. This mix definitely has a large niche in terms of people who are into this sound right now. They should do well.

From a personal standpoint: I'm just not a fan of house-house. Unless it's minimal and/or dark, house just doesn't do it for me. Again though, that's just me. When I used to spin out(vinyl!), I went for a bassline heavy, deep-prog sound and I guess I've just stuck with that sub-genre of EDM since.

Cheers, man :)

btw, WheresWaldo, (I'm sure

btw, WheresWaldo, (I'm sure you remember), but I only "reviewed" this mix because you specifically asked me and munkyn to listen and comment :) I wouldn't normally be this honest lol :)

cool buddy

thanks for the look

unfortunately thats who he really likes... ive told him to mix it up a bit more but he seems to really like that niche.

cheers bud

For me Waldo, the mixing was

For me Waldo, the mixing was top, hopefully I can get somewhere near this level in the future where it sounds palatable to the ears.

Track selection, well as I'm not a fan of Swedish house mafia or pre-fab mozzarella laden house music I didn't enjoy them (at the start and in the middle) not really my bag anymore not with DJs like that around anyway.There was some good indivdual tracks I liked...

Danny Freakazoid, Matt Caseli-Sign Your Name (Across My Heart) (Sebastian Krieg & Roman F. Remix)


Louie Vega & Jay 'Sinister' Sealee starring Julie McKnight - Diamond Life (Daddys Groove Magic Island Rework)



Blase-Blase, bro

Listened as well & wasn't engaged. With Ableton, Traktor, Final Scratch or whatever your application of choice, a DJ's ability to beat match &/or polish a mix is far from an important consideration when evaluating a set. Layering & sampling, however, can make quite the difference. That said, the mixing was fine while the tunes left much to be desired. In my opinion, the programming was weak. Fairly typical Toronto sound, frankly--bit cheesey, somewhat dirty, nearly funky, ultimately a mix that fails to enrich one's appreciation for any of the tunes showcased or, for that matter, electronic music period. Where's the soul? Quality sets lead the listener from one place to another using music as the vehicle to stir the audience spiritually. Like it or not, house is a spiritual thing & stir this did not.

totus tuus