Listening to all @craigy mixes starting at intro mix '09




we're back, stupid log files filled up the drive, all good now!


thanks kfsoh, listening to a favourite now :(


Part 2 is up!


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Cid Inc - Live at Sol Solar 7 Year Anniversary, Bahrein, Buenos Aires - 10-1-2011

Cover (front)
  • Title: Cid Inc - Live at Sol Solar 7 Years Anniversary, Bahrein, Buenos Aires - 10-1-2011
  • Artist: Cid Inc
  • Album: Live at Sol Solar 7 Years Anniversary, Bahrein, Buenos Aires - 10-1-2011
  • Year: 2011
  • Length: 223:50 minutes (204.94 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Luis Junior - Alibi - Mooseeka
Fiord & Simon Flower - High Tail - Progresstunes
Fiord & Simon Flower - High Tail (Jamie Stevens Remix) - Progresstunes
Love Harmonic (DNYO Booty)
Tom Glass - Naive (Doesm Remix) - Hope
Hartmut Kiss - Water Games (Eelke Kleijn's Vintage Remix)
Soulwerk - Fraktals - Replug
Lank & Zalac - Juice Box (Dub Mix) - Mesmeric
Pablo Acenso - Stop Thinking (Psycatron Remix ) - Flow Vinyl
Spooky - Polymorph (Psycatron Remix) - MicroCastle
Solead & Fiord - Voltaire (Cid Inc Remix) - Subsonic
Cid Inc - Caustic - Replug
Jim Rivers & Erphun - Back & Forth - Smut Music
Raxon - Into The Summer (Cid Inc Remix) - Replug
Guy J - Heliscope - Bedrock
Inkfish - Drums Are Not Dangerous (Cid Inc Remix) - Inkfish
Robert Babicz - Insider - Babiczstyle
Mohrr - Dirty Feet (Cid Inc Remix) - Sudbeat
Cid Inc - Wannabe - Iboga
Deepfunk - Tulips Grow In Space (Cid Inc Remix) - Replug
Jim Rivers - Black KEys ( Cid Inc remix) - MCgroove
Juan Deminicis - Remember The Future (Cid Inc Remix) - Replug
Infusion - Love & Imitation (Guy J Remix) - Vapour
Henry Saiz - Lady In The Mirror (Mediterranean Haunted Beach Version ) - Natura Sonoris
Alec Marta & Javier Orduna - OGT Crew (Van Hai Remix) - Cuatro Records
Muzarco & Nir Shoshani-Stringer Bell (Marc Marzenit Life Cycles remix) - Punch Music
Cid Inc - Cotai Strip - Movement Recordings
Cid Inc - Blizzard - Replug
Radio Head - Codex (Henry Saiz Remix)
Gus Gus - Selfoss ( Deepfunk's Unofficial Remix)
ENCORE - Carlos Fox - In The Corner (Cid Inc Remix) - Fragments
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Progressive techno?

Yeah I am also loving CID inc I think it's being labeld as progressive techno,but whatever you wanna call it it's fucking good.

agree with munkyn

have been suitably impressed with every cid inc mix that has been uploaded here, some fantastic tracks included here again. maybe the comparison to guy j is wrong as guy j will play a more varied set while cid inc tends to get hit a high tempo early on and remain there over the course of his mixes. no complaints on either dj from me, looking forward to hearing more from this guy over the course of the year

2h40 and it....

feels like a Sasha & Digweed back to back all night at Victoria works in Leeds from a few years ago, melodic progressive, love it!!!

No contest....

Mallam, as far as I'm concenred Cid Inc is eons better than Guy J, who for me has had his moment of absolute stellar quality in releasing tracks and some good mixes (the only one I liked was the stand in for Digweed at a Bedrock party last year)

Cid Inc plays exactly how it should be done progressively and DJ wise, I have n'#t heard a mix yet that wasn't full of bangers as is this mix while I listen to it painting the damn hallway and landing!!!

Get on this....

this needs more plays!!! ... thanks mallam for Cid Inc's stuff! Always enjoyed his productions and his mixes do not disappoint either.

yes indeed

agree & cheers freebird! His mixes just keep getting better, too. Could Cid Inc be the "next Guy J?" Consistently acclaimed productions, unique sound, top tier DJ skills . . . only missing ingredient is Diggers!