thanks for feedback @creator, pleased you like!


Nice one Craig!! Thank you!


Sep mix is up - CIU


Ok will try that, thx


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Craig Album Volume 33 - January 2011

  • Title: Craig Album Volume 33
  • Artist: Craig Album
  • Year: 2011
  • Length: 114:57 minutes (157.86 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

Happy New Year to all - hope you enjoy. Crank it up.. C

Rating Average: 9.7 (20 votes)


Craig Album University

When are you opening classes to teach other DJ's to at least do 25% of what you do? I just can't believe how good your mixes are. Why can't the others come up with good shit just a little bit?

Thank You!

I had to create an account on mixriot just to give my respects to Craig. Your mixes keep me creative and focused all day. Keepin' it movin'! Thanks!

i still love this

came up on random and i played it through this morning. high quality.

this stuff is top

this stuff is top - can we have a tracklist please?


trackilst would be great

Brilliant as usual

Completely love this mix, particularly the 20min mark, lovely sonics in the undercurrent and beautyful singing chick. Completely agree with Chicagospaceman!

Keep up the good work!

I love that bit around the

I love that bit around the 20 min or so mark. Along with the lady singing, what is that alternating key part in the background, sounds like some kind of muffled singing voice or something. It is great. ba ba baa baaaa baa.

Subtle Sophistication

tracks sneak up on you with this harmonic mixing.

Thanks, Craig

Still I listen, still I move.
Still through peak
and void.

When we're all seduced by tangibles and seek for an answer in matter's cold fact
it remains that all we are is best understood in terms of immaterial things that
light us up.
Whether it be the incomprehensibly complex and profound yet entirely familiar experience of the easy enjoyment of Craig's
masterful sequencing or anger at injustice or the desire to be loved and understood, these singular things matter to us more and matter cannot overcome them.


Brother, I feel your love

Brother, I feel your love...

James Zabiela
Hernan Cattaneo

Come to mind too...

Poetic Platonic

Nice one, jaw.811! Pleasure to read someone going deep into Craig's mix, waxing poetic & imparting some sapientia into the discussion. That you write "it remains that all we are is best understood in terms of immaterial things that light us up" is fine praise indeed. Enjoyed 3x in full since last week -- reminds me of Holden 2000-2003. Definitely a transcendent quality to this sucker. "Transcendent" in the sense of Plato's transcedentals. totus tuus



takes you away

to a better place :))))

i'm there with you freebird...

yes oh yes oh yes - beautiful stuff

another head bobber, Craig.

another head bobber, Craig. i want this, the ocean, warm weather and a cocktail right about now (as I look out the window, it's 20 degrees and cloudy)

Where would I be....

without you Craig.

Come to Toronto this summer!!!

smooth mix

keeps the trend with good beats

Nice mix

Once again, nice mix mate. Nothing too heavy to ease us into the new year!


Several nice trancey, prog-groovers in here. Somewhere around 1hr9m mark I detected the subtle presence of a track working the electo-glitch, which caused the noggin to go-a-bobbing at the ol'deskski. Rest of the mix is good though the tune at that moment was for me the highlight. Elegant, melodic prog tunage w/refined tekno rhythms & corresponding electro syncopation paired w/a dash of synth morbier. No complaints here, Craig. totus tuus