Been relying on kfsoh's opinions for years! Also an original here 8)


Yeah I created my Mixriot/Mixiom account in 2007 but I was a member of Freshly Mixed for a while before that also :)


thanks C


kf one of the originals! very few who can claim that!


freshly haxored > freshly mixed > mixriot


Stoked C, gonna be sporting that w/big pride

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Craig Album Volume 35 - April 2011

  • Title: Craig Album Volume 35
  • Year: 2011
  • Length: 115:54 minutes (159.18 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

Next addition - crank up the volume...... Craig

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denver, colorado 13th aug... beta nightclub

the mixriot experience goes live with myself, josh wetherington and christopher james. details in the forum post. if you're based in the US - get yourselves down there. if you're not - get yourself on a flight.... should be an epic night.

see you on the dancefloor..
craig album


shame he doesn't play many as i for one would be there, grooving away, lost in the sounds... terrific mix once again. get off your ass, craig!

I shimmer between

Ok Craig. I'm 10 minutes in and already those familiar bumps and tingles arise!

Senses slip, click toward warmth...

The deep grip pulses,
melody propels,
and percussion clasps heart and soul,
binding thought to sensation.

Aren't you clever!

does anyone else agree

That this man puts out some amazing high quality. Always get a good response yet I can't find a dj list anywhere. Not on fb....

But anyway - amazing!

Craig is not a professional

Craig is not a professional full time DJ... Its more a hobby... He does play gigs but not as often as I would like... I oversea his schedule. I have been trying to make him get out there on the circuit more... he is lazy! You boys could give him a push and please email me if you run any events for him to play at. Thanks Adam

Where are you guys located?

Wondering... Would be amped to see Craig Live!

based in london

Plays in london and liverpool mainly. He's keen to do some gigs in the US and Canada though. Adam

totally agreed - love sweet sound

never lets you down. always consistently great. a tracklist now and again would be nice! ;)

as per usual

epic, good to hear the melodies being central to the mix once again


He's good, he really is. The sound is trance-progressive, but the closest we get to formulaic fromage is the vocal tunes--& they're not "too" handbag. Glad we're working on monthly installments b/c the quality stays high while the tracking & mixology remain fresh. Another nice one, Craig. totus tuus