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Dave Seaman Live @ Lanzamiento Carnival, Colombia

  • Title: Dave Seaman - Live @ Lanzamiento SDF Carnival, Meddellin
  • Artist: Dave Seaman
  • Album: Lanzamiento SDF Carnival, Meddellin, Colombia
  • Year: 08.11.2008
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 60:00 minutes (54.94 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
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Reading these comments and I can't help but reflect the same feelings about dance music over the last 3 decades that I have been treading the boards on the dance floor.
I used to find Techno (for example) so fresh, but even the Swedish/Scandinavian experimental stuff has been done to death now and I find myself listening to anything 'new' and 'contemporary' and thinking I've heard it all before somewhere.
Dubstep for example, is supposed to be a fresh new genre. But having spent years in Midlands clubs jumping around to Breaks, DnB and Garage/Speed Garage I can't help but feel I've heard that sound before and it wasn't called Dubstep then! Nothing new in wobble bass.
Nonetheless, there are still experimental DJ's and producers out there. I am a big fan of Leeds' very own Paul Woolford for example.
Even DJ's who play four to the floor house can still be interesting if they have 'that ear for a tune', look at Joris Voorn or even Eric Prydz. Both can still turn it on.
Plus I will always be a huge fan of Sasha, past and present - the man is a god.

Sander Kleinenberg and Eric Prydz....

....were the first two guys I ever saw live. Also the first night I ever took MDMA. Both were life changing experiences.

Sander is pretty solid imo, and he shows lots of love to Toronto and plays here like 4 times a year.

I will take the drums

Seriously, I have not heard good tribal in half a decade. I miss dirty flithy dark tribal house. I know they are not making it much anymore but I miss it. I miss going to hear 4 hours of the nasty stuff.......bless lawler circa 2002.....I remember seeing Satoshi Tomiie as the mid deejay 12-3, playing nasty nubreed 6 style stuff, dark and dirty and then lawler still in his nubreed 3 style mode. One of the greatest nights of my life....well after getting married that is.....that was a night beyond that :).

All the stuff sounds the same now but the ironic thing was, all the deejays back then were playing the same stuff as well, just they sounded a lot different. I miss the driving progressive house and trance. Its just weird stuff now.....I miss the peak hour driving it home to your brain.

I might be too much remembering my early 20's and wishing it could go back to that time but I thought it was more of an expansive time and producers were more experimental. There is still a lot of experimental stuff these days but it is harder to find.

Music is progress but it seems to be decaying now. Will we go back to that legendary time? No but I think we could hope that producers would stop sounding so damn similar and go back to trying to be unique.


I miss all the progressive trance - house mixes from 2001 - 2004 the electronic music scene has decayed a lot from techno and minimal, I miss the old Sasha, Digweed, Seaman and all those old school GU djs too and I'm not being melancholic I am just being realistic, a lot of this new mixes doesn't have art on them it's too plastic, too many noise and none sense drums that's it...

Digweed fell

John Digweed fell off the wagon for years, heck I saw him once in those years and it was horrible. The year before, he hammered us with nasty driving tech house for hours, which ranks up there in great times of my life.

I am not saying that deejays should pigeonhole themselves. Play what you damn well want and if you move into a tuneless hole at times, so be it. Nick Warren could mix folk records and I'd probably play the mix and have it on repeat on my ipod. Dave Seaman is such a talented deejay from Mixmag, BIR to those delicious Renaissance CDs from the early 2000's to his productions as Group Therapy with Alan Bremner. I just found that Masters Series 10 was weak and it was not so melody driven as the past mixes.

Nick Warren has gone techier, as evident in Balance 018. Lots of us, myself included enjoyed the melody driven Warren, as proven in GU028, GU030 and GU035. I would have enjoyed Balance 018 more if the guy had pushed more melody but it was still a top drawer mix from one of the world's most talented deejays.

Sasha did the same thing, he experimented and drove me to putting my head in a vice. Do I miss the progressive Sasha with the driving melodies and nasty vocals? Heck yes. Danny Howells has gone more percussive in years gone by, he has moved on from the tech house king.

Sander Kleinenberg probably irks me the most. I remember seeing him 3 times, once with Max Graham, where he played dark and nasty driving beats. Throwing in gems like Yebo (pitched a bit) and No Way Out (pitched up) among the cock sonnet, which drove the girls wild. I saw him at the Axe Opening party at the guvernment in 2002, which was invite only. 400 people in the massive main room, 200 left. By midnight, you had max graham, luke fair among me and others on the dancefloor and he was playing melodic driven progressive. Now you look at him, popstar at times?

Oliver Lieb stated that we need to move on from the elitist attitude that this time was better, he is probably right but it will still not stop me from listening to the old mixes and remembering when I was young.

Music is a journey and where are we in the journey is up to each of us


dj's play what music they like at the time. electronic music is constantly changing so why should they pigeon hole themselves into a specific sound or genre? digweed experimented for years and has now become a better dj for it imo. i like to think that some of the mainroom djs have a bit more savvy than to just play what they think people will like at that particular time.

i was disappointed to see nick warren move away from his melodic sound to a deeper more techier sound but if thats what they want to do then i respect that. i'll just listen to someone else who plays what i like to hear :)


personally I hated the 2008 Dave Seaman. Masters Series 10 was a prime example and this music reminds me of it. I find that too many deejays went into minimal land (normally reserved for Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos and others). This set is not bad but I loved when deejays used more melodies in the tracks they made and used.