Listening to all @craigy mixes starting at intro mix '09




we're back, stupid log files filled up the drive, all good now!


thanks kfsoh, listening to a favourite now :(


Part 2 is up!


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Desyn Masiello - Live at Club Home - Budapest - 10-02-2006

  • Title: Desyn Masiello - Live at Club Home - Budapest - 10-02-2006
  • Length: 244:24 minutes (223.76 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
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another big tune was

His balance 008 is so much like this, freeflowing and never predictable. What a ride, I think that is what will play on the ipod today, maybe 009 tomorrow.

My favorite track in this entire mix is Dave Lee aka Joey Negro (and 50 others) under his make a move on me. The track works well as a dub here and fits Masiello's style but the vocal is great as well. It has that gritty bassline and the catchy hook.

Also I think Sedna, which was a big tune years ago. Sedna was always my fave tune from the 16 bit lolitas. The bassline is great and deep. I always loved the original version but I always have a soft spot for the dave dresden mashup with deep breath love and sedna from Global Underground 029 - Sharam in Dubai

I listened to this on my way to niagara falls

My journey was a bit slow, popped it on when I left the house, just about finished when I got there. What a music ride it was

Francois K's mix of Coldplay's Talk does not get enough credit. I may be a little old but I never tire of that tune and the last 30 mins. Changesss in my mind, talk....


All of the above and then some. This guy makes my speakers wobble in the good way.

Great tunes!!!

Desyn Masiello is on point. Always brings his A game.


Haven't posted on here in years....anyway, was lookin for this mix cos it one of the best 4 hours you'll ever have in your life!


I felt this just bumped along and was a bit dated

Bumping along...

In 5 words you've captured Desyn's style--it does bump along, that's what he does: light, friendly house & prog fare that gently bumps along. As for being "dated", what sets Masiello apart from the common DJ is his crate-digging ability. That is, he's got a large catalogue spanning many, many years & these records get action in his sets--still, it's light, friendly house & prog fare, & it does plod somewhat...which can be just what the doctor ordered =)

ok for you.

ok for you.


This guy is a killer - loved the nod to the old skool with Jam and Spoons Odyssey!

Listened this in its entirety three times in a row

This is the best mix i have heard in years

yep indeed

i'm lovin this... actually thinks it scoots along superbly


is the man. this set is ravaging.

Pure magic

Gotta love this mix, 4 hours of absolute bliss.

What a badass set!

Desyn in his prime. This set is really sick!


01 Castelli & Perazzoli - On The Road
02 Ian Pooley & Magik J - Heke (Ian Pooley's Gone Balearic Mix)
03 Jaytech & Matt Rowan - Tomorrow
04 Miguel Migs - Petalpushing (Ian Pooley Dub 1)
05 Wize - Heaven
06 Sesa feat. Erin - In My Life (Syke 'N Sugarstarr Instrumental)
07 Scape - Be My Friend (Ian Carey Instrumental)
08 Chris Kaeser & Dj Stephan M Present Digital Funk - Show Me Some Love [Symphonic]
09 Eddie Thoneick - Together As One (Dub)
10 Mister T & Demon Ritchie - Just You And I (Enzo Mori & Stephan Clarke Remix)
11 The Drill - The Drill (Sam Malm Remix)
12 Dave Lindbergh - Musical Hero (Gee & Lighter Remix)
13 Golfclub - Spandex (Ian Carey Remix)
14 Digital Audio - Missing You (Dub)
15 Madonna - Get Together (Instrumental Mix / Edit)
16 Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis (Chris Lake Remix)
17 Syntax - Love Song (Eric Prydz Remix)
18 Tiger Stripes - New York New York (Main Mix)
19 Red Carpet - Alright (Brad Carter Remix)
20 Risskov Bandits - Reflections (Morjac Instrumental)
21 Hott 22 - I Feel Love (Lucas Abadi Dub Edit)
22 Emjae - Hold It Down
23 Raw Shape - Instant Groove (Jim Connor Remix)
24 Raw Shape - Instant Groove
25 marnix - fire (jamie anderson remix)
26 Stitch - JFK (Barfly Mix / Nick DK Edit)
27 Freemasons - Watchin (Dub Edit)
28 Mashtronic feat. Mike McGuire - Water Bloom
29 Raw Shape - Come Back (Club Mix)
30 Joey Negro - Make A Move On Me (Joey Negro's Old School Dub)
31 Texas - Can't Resist (Deadguys UK Remix)
32 Schlomi Aber - Inspiration
33 Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis w/ Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally (Acapella)
34 Njoi - Anthem (Hoxton Whores Instrumental)
35 Ethan - In My Heart (Blades & Masiello Edit) (With Acapella)
36 Electricano - Harmony Of Soul (David Ferrero Remix)
37 Chris Lake - Changes
38 Coldplay - Talk (Francois K Dub)
39 Damien Strong - Sunrise At Pinkville
40 16 Bit Lolitas - Sedna
41 Jam & Spoon - Find Me (Odyssey To Anyoona)
42 Lifelike - High On