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Eric Prydz - Live at EPIC, Brixton Academy, London - 4-2-2011

Cover (front)
  • Title: Eric Prydz - Live at EPIC, Brixton Academy, London - 4-2-2011
  • Artist: Eric Prydz
  • Album: Live at EPIC, Brixton Academy, London - 4-2-2011
  • Year: 2011
  • Length: 113:17 minutes (125.48 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 48kHz 154Kbps (VBR)
[Parts 1 & 2 combined at around 55 mins]
01. ID 
02. Pryda - Glimma 
03. Pryda - Illusions 
04. ID
05. Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Eric Prydz Private Remix) 
06. Pryda - Melo (Album Edit) 
07. Eric Prydz - With Me 
08. Pryda feat. Nina Simone - Sweet Genesis w/ Pryda - Miami To Atlanta 
09. ID 
10. Pryda - Muranyi 
11. Pryda - Animal w/ Cirez D - Teaser 
12. Pryda - Reeperbahn 
[Part 2]
13. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix) 
14. Cirez D - Knockout 
15. Pryda - M.S.B.O.Y. 
16. Eric Prydz feat. Jan Burton - Niton (The Reason) 
17. Eric Prydz feat. Jan Burton - Niton (The Reason) (Instrumental) w/ Cirez D - On Off w/ Depeche Mode - Photographic (Acappella) 
18. ID
19. Pryda - Inox 
20. Dukes of Sluca vs Apollo - Mighty Love (Eric Prydz Re-Edit) 
21. Eric Prydz - Pjanoo w/ Pryda - Viro w/ Polarkreis 18 - Allein Allein (Eric Prydz Remix) 
22. Pryda - Shadows 
Rating Average: 9.5 (22 votes)


Easy Munkyn

slow your roll player hater...
men it is in the name this is an epic set...
it has got more soul than your mum at church....
talking about your mum ... pop on pjanoo on the living room sound system an see if she does not get down... my nana loves it...

the truth is; that it under ground brought to main room .... but it sounds absolutely funky ....
i thank Sir pryda for an iconic peace of dance history i am sure am going to tell my grand kids about this one...


no further comments required!!!

this mix sucks ... i would

this mix sucks ... i would have payed "eric prydz prices" just to see Adam Beyer play after him...

To use words like "epic" and

To use words like "epic" and "iconic" is clearly misplaced to Pryda or whatever guise he decides to play in. My musical taste stretch countless genres and mixes, this however is not one of them and there are far better mixes on here that eclipse this so called mix which in my mind is weak and pitiful.

Following herd and sheep mentality is not what house music is about, but clearly Pryda is unable to play anything other than his own [old] 5hit which in my book does nothing for progression and ability....

Does any DJ (credible) play his own 5hit over and over again, the answer is no. I am not going to waste any more time on this matter, you are entitled to your opinion but it matters nothing to me or anyone else who is objective in what they regard as good house music

Having giving this air time

Having giving this air time on recommendation, I have to say this confirms to me that Eric Pryda, Prydz or Cirez D clearly likes to eat his own s***. For me this was/is symptomatic of electro house DJs and electro house or what genre Eric Prydz plays here.

To regurgitate tracks from years gone by and smacks of Deadmau5, maybe this is trend for everyone who likes this sort of house music to follow.

Kiss remains and shows why they are a poor radio station of has-beens by repeating the same sound bites of the same people talking how "amazing" Eric Prydz is and "the best DJ in the world"... better than "Swedish house mafia" is comical.

For me this is electro house corn fed [house] music to the masses to see who will gobble it up, which is ultimately soulless.

I suggest for any purists out there who disagree with me, then check out a good example of electro [dirty] house....

I won't waste my vote on this, as I know how I will vote.


wouldn't have put it as strong as Munkyn, but this just sounds a bit lame. I don't know if it is the way it is recorded, it just sounds a bit too sterile to me.
I've seen Prydz at the WHP in Manc a couple of years ago and he seemed to have more of an edge then.

Serious Set!!!

wat a set!!i haven't listened to this fella in a while and now im wondering why.there's banging beats throughout

Cheers again Mallam!

Cheers, again, for these uploads! This is truly a classic sat! Nice one Mr Prydz and Mallam.

Jesus wept

Mallam, once again, thank you for an incredible upload.

I was here at this one - don't know whether you've seen any of the videos for it but this night seriously changed my life. one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen. He well and truly set an industry precedent.

many thanks!!

many thanks!!