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Hernan Cattaneo - Sequential - 2008-01-19 (Pt2)

  • Title: 2008-01-19 Hernan Cattaneo Sequential on Metrodance 95.1 FM pt2
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 61:53 minutes (84.99 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)
Part 2 - Hernan Cattaneo - Sequential on Metrodance
1. James Priestley & Dan Berkson - Chariots (Motorcitysoul Mix) (Simple)
2. Deep & Suga meet Groove Garcia - Narcolepsia (Jesus Gonsev Mix) (Khazuma Future Records)
3. Carlos Legaz & Spider feat Beverley Jane - Funk Me No More (Legaz & Spider Oxi Dub Mix)(Stereo Cool)
4. Luca Agnelli - Booster (Booster Mix) (My Best Friend Records)
5. Soundexile - Maximum Joy (CDR)
6. Heatsteric - Boiling Point (Kosmas Epsilon Mix)(Outside The Box Records)
7. Heatsteric - Boiling Point (Outside The Box Records)
8. C-Jay - 80808 (Jaydee Dub) (Iboga Records)
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tune nr 8 is faulty :)

tune nr 8 is faulty :) that's why i give it 8

I think you need to think of

I think you need to think of these as more like radio shows such as Transitions.
They're not really club style dj sets.
But the track selections are top drawer and well worth a download none-the-less.
Hernan's club sets are certainly more structured and dynamic.
I read somewhere he does plan have another radio show again in the future, but not any time soon.

Top drawer stuff

Quality mix. Such a shame these shows ended when they did.

Some good tracks in here

Some good tracks in here with flawless mixing but Hernan's mixes never seem to build up and peak... they kind of just trudge along - not a bad thing but whatever happened to the buildup - peak - buildup - peak type sets. Oakie's 7/99 set @ we love sundays or even sasha's ableton live set from '05.. They build up and peak at some point and I personally think thats what a DJ set should be all about.

Its a studio/radio mix so

Its a studio/radio mix so maybe this is why? I've never seen him live so cant say if he's different in a club. His mixes work for me though :)

No doubt.. Cant say they

No doubt.. Cant say they don't work for me..

His mix of August 08 has

His mix of August 08 has peaks and troughs a-plenty. Im listening to it right now..quality all the way through