Solid Caribou mix thanks




Excellent recent Caribou essential mix.


never thought we'd be discussing the great TP shortages on mixriot, ha!


lol well I have 40 rolls of TP here at home =)


oh yea man.. TP is gold.. and then TP meme's are even better..

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James Zabiela - Live at We Love Space, Ibiza, Closing Party 9-26-2010

  • Title: James Zabiela - Live at We Love Space, Ibiza, Closing Party 9-26-2010
  • Artist: James Zabiela
  • Album: Live at We Love Space, Ibiza, Closing Party 9-26-2010
  • Year: 2010
  • Length: 57:14 minutes (73.81 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 180Kbps (VBR)
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01 ID - ID 
02 @02min  ID - ID 
03 @06min  ID - ID 
04 @12min  Rah Band - Clouds Across The Moon (Umek & Jay Lumen Hey Baby Remix) 
05 @18min  Gregor Tresher - Sidewinder 
06 @24min  Pig & Dan - We Are E 
07 @30min  Kryptic Minds - Wasteland 
08 @35min  ID - ID 
09 @40min  ID - ID 
10 @46min  Rainer Weichhold - Reis (Carlo Lio Remix) 
11 @52min  Marco Bailey - Pet Shop Bitch

I to had a look at the

I to had a look at the pioneer CDJ200s, think ~I will stick to my numark hd for the time being, although they do look very nice indeed

Awesome set ...if you can bear the waffle.

Well, another awesome Zabeila set, this time very much dancefloor oriented with less of his more considered electronic side. It's good enough to outweigh the considerable amount of waffling voiceover from Pioneer presenter Dan Tait, who, by the way sounds like he has the best f***ing job in the world.

It's mental and I would *love* to have the set in-full with no voiceover. Just skip forward to the last 3 minutes (if you can bear the distortion, and before the recording brutally cuts off) and make your own mind up.

For some reason this set

For some reason this set makes me want to suddenly run out and buy a Pioneer CDJM2000!


Which is presumably why Pioneer sponsor the show in the first place :-). Believe it or not I googled prices after listening. You're looking at around £3k with the mixer...

For me tranitions is

For me transitions is palatable as its a radio show, so you would expect him to talk, but its kept to a minimum and in the mix, its quiet as a church mouse just like frisky radio when Nick Warren is on

give me a tracklisting instead

after 16 minutes I got bored of the same guff every 5 minutes from DJ Dante, who has the most dull and boring voice ever, definately one to send you asleep. I counted 7 or 8 times he interuppted with the same mindless/useless drivel, so defaintely not one to listen to or download unless you want to fall asleep. One small consolation, Zabielas track selection and mixing sounds great when you can hear it!

It's like listening to

It's like listening to Transitions! Diggers always sounds like he just woke up and is about to kill himself. LOL! :P

Ah the usual Space mixes

Ah the usual Space mixes with the usual b0llox been talked over by (this time English)Spannish radio "DJs" who have no idea what a DJ mix is meant to entail

Brilliant but annoying

This mix is awesome but the guy chatting over the top is doing my head in - anyone got a version without him or a TL?

Having stumbled on this the

Having stumbled on this the other day looking at listings for the Warehouse project 2010 (Sasha & James Zabiela 18/12/2010), this just goes to show how diverse James Zabiela is, although you would expect this from being Sasha's protege!!!!