Listening to all @craigy mixes starting at intro mix '09




we're back, stupid log files filled up the drive, all good now!


thanks kfsoh, listening to a favourite now :(


Part 2 is up!


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James Zabiela & Sasha @ DJ Mag - Shelborne, Miami [WMC] 21-03-2012

  • Title: James Zabiela & Sasha @ DJ Mag - Shelborne, Miami [WMC] 21-03-2012
  • Artist: James Zabiela & Sasha
  • Length: 114:10 minutes (189.39 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 231Kbps (VBR)

Recorded Live from the broadcast tonight
I ripped to WAV from the live broadcast, then I've ripped it to mp3 with dbpoweramp (level 8)
However due to copyrighted/unreleased material from Sasha & Zabiela there were 3 parts of the set where it went somewhat quiet, one at 39-45mins, then 1h27-1h30 and the last one was about 1h44-1h47 it just goes quiet or they talk over the tracks.
Theres no tracklisting as yet, but enjoy as their set has just finished, hope everyone enjoys nonetheless,
cheers munkyn
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Good stuff this...

Loving this set even with all the 'censored' bits...
Tune at 00:33:34 is just incredible, cant get enough of it!
Thanks for sharing.

More tracklisting....

01.) Intro
02.) THE SIGHT BELOW - No Place For Us (Eluvium Sedated Remix)
03.) Maelstrom - USSR (The Hacker Remix)
04.) ID
05.) Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta - Chaos Theory (Rino Cerrone Remix)
06.) ID
07.) ID
08.) Sasha & Zabiela - Unknown Name
09.) Karl Moestl - Life and Happiness ft Andrew Edge
10.) Darin Epsilon & Tom Sela - Metamorph (Luis Junior Remix)
11.) Scuba - The Hope
12.) Photek - Aviation
13.) Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel (Aril Birkha Edit)
14.) ID

absolute quality mate...

so true....

Urinal visit simulation

Try to think of the annoying cuts as the gaps you would experience if you were actually at the Shelbourne and you had to visit the bathroom for a piss. Repeatedly.

Instead of complete silence, the sound has got that heavily filtered vibe with lots of conversation that simulates night-club music as heard from a cubicle surprisingly well.

Yes it's annoying, but you shouldn't have had so much beer.

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh. {zip}

Now, where the fuck were my mates?

the sound quality is

the sound quality is terrible. bass frequencies have been cut mate

san diego mix

electroliner, all of it is on the san diego mix anyway.....

@ Richard FT

Agreed top track.... Darin Epsilon & Tom Sela - Metamorph (Luis Junior Remix) pity he talks over it... A good set though even if the sound levels do fluctuate a lot....


I might track that one down (no pun intended!)

The track at 47/48 minutes - lush!

shame a tosser talks over it really


01. ID
02. ID
03. ID
04. ID
05. Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta - Chaos Theory (Rino Cerrone Remix) iTunes Juno Download
06. ID
07. ID
08. ID
09. ID
10. Darin Epsilon & Tom Sela - Metamorph (Luis Junior Remix)
11. Scuba - The Hope Amazon iTunes Juno Download
12. ID
13. Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel (Aril Brikha Edit)
14. ID
15. ID
16. ID
17. ID
18. ID
19. Hot Chip - Flutes
20. BCee feat. S.P.Y - Diagnosis Murder (Maetrik Remix)


those gaps just smack of sasha being a pedantic little fucker. great mix otherwise and some great tracks, the ones we were allowed to hear.

This was out of control!

This was out of control! Claude vonstroke after these two was top as well... And the fun is just beginning!

JZ was out of his mind during this set - so much energy


these gaps are ridiculous - seems that sasha is over-doing it in protecting his music

many thanks for the quick

many thanks for the quick rip and upload
could maybe do with a thanks button on here or something.


Very Good indeed.. The best 2 djs about at the mo....

Done the whole thing

now..... and it rocks!

I'm only a few minutes in

and this is already sounding 'sic' as they say! Nice one.