well played C, forgotten how this set intro-ed a "new" take on DnB that was part jump-up but w/rude beats & throwback samples


Rare live set from ETI.. Recommended..


just thought id bring this bad boy up again

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Live @ Mark Hunt's House (Orlando, FL) - ZEN Afterparty - 9/1/1996

  • Title: Live @ Mark Hunt's House (Orlando, FL) - ZEN Afterparty - 9/1/1996
  • Artist: Sasha
  • Album: Live @ Mark Hunt's House (Orlando, FL) - ZEN Afterparty - 9/1/1996
  • Year: 1996
  • Genre: Psychedelic Electro Funk
  • Length: 371:06 minutes (679.5 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 256Kbps (CBR)
01. Humate & Rabbit In The Moon - East (Original Mix)
02. R Factors - G-Explorer
03. Power Circle - A Little Love, A Little Life (Dave Shakra's Trancin' Mix)
04. ID
05. Choice - Acid Eiffel
06. Khetama - Return To Omega
07. ID
08. Khetama - Trancelate
09. Doi-Oing - Blue (Original Mix)
10. Sola Fides - Wicked (Original Mix)
11. Future Funk - Switch Lock (Original Mix)
12. DJ Garth & ETI - 20 Minutes Of Disco Glory (Acid Rock Mix)
13. Slacker - For Yourself
14. Humate - 3.1 (Original Mix)
15. ID
16. Doi-Oing - Paradise Lost
17. Sunscreem - Something (Original Mix)
18. Salt Tank - Swell
19. ID
20. ID
21. H.H.C. - Plump
22. ID
23. H.H.C. - We're Not Alone
24. Itch-e & Scratch-e - Sweetness & Light
25. The Auranaut - Groove On, Dream Off (Original Mix)
26. Jondi & Spesh - Miles Of Boom
27. The Auranaut - Hear The Rich Boy Just Passing Through (Original Mix)
28. Front 242 - Happiness (Underworld's Dance Mix)
29. Art Of Trance - Octopus (Capricorn Mix)
20. Universal State Of Mind - All Because Of You (Mindsweeper Mix)
21. Pop In Wonderland - Beautiful People (Insider's Kun Kun Kaa Mix)
22. Aurora Borealis - The Milky Way
23. BT - Blue Skies (Paul van Dyk's Errinern Indigo Mix)
24. The Brain - I'll Find A Way (Jam El Mar's Spacetek Dub)
25. Cygnus X - Indakasa
26. In Aura - Coma Aroma (Perfecto Dub)
27. Humate - 3.2
28. Paul van Dyk - I Can't Feel It
29. ID
30. Paul van Dyk - I Like It
31. Sjef van Leeuwen - Voices Of Ka (Original Mix)
32. Mikerobenics - Julika
33. ID
34. ID
35. Nebula Nine - Everybody's Welcome
36. ID
37. Slacker - Scared
38. Quivver - Extra Time (Quivver's Amityville Dub)
39. Angeles - It's Alive
40. Millenium - Millenium?
41. Angeles - Shine
42. Third Man - Neutral Nervous (Original Mix)
43. X-Cabs - Outcast (Original Mix)
44. L.S.G. - Hidden Sun Of Venus
45. Andy Ling - Calling Angels
46. Paragliders - Share Of Bitterness
47. Tilt - My Spirit
48. Third Man - Solar Cycle (Arrangement 2)
49. Evolution - Your Love Is Calling (Call Up Dub)


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Bumpity bump bump...

9yrs+ later after commenting, I'm convinced more people should be listening to this, more often.

totus tuus


freebird3220 - what's your first?

what's that?

what's that?

your first favorite set on

your first favorite set on mixriot? (this being your second)

ah, that old nugget! cheers

ah, that old nugget! cheers

FU£KIN9 ****

Where did this come from????? SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!



I've listened to this all

I've listened to this all the way through on a ride to NYC ... made the trip fly by. my second favorite set on mixriot.


Even though its been available or at least "known" for many years, the full 6hrs+ in a single file & immaculate sound quality never crossed my domain. Since it's been up on MR this set has been in constant (though not the full 6hr) listening rotation. Mark Hunt took it upon himself to edit & polish the odd section where the Welshman's concentration & buzz took the mixology in a less than desired direction, & Mr. Hunt did it well. All the same, IMO, the DnB excursions missing from this copy would have been worth keeping...

Ramblings aside, this is a special set for any fan of the electronic-prog-house scene. Popular art builds in waves, and artistic swell was undulating in dance from about 92/3 all the way to the end of summer '96. Crafted right at summer's end, this set captures the cresting of creative expression realized by innovative technology & the positive amplitude of the mid90s ravey-gravy sensus fidelium.

Edgy, pretty, coloured w/classic acid sounds & splashes of ephemeral tekno beauty. At first blush far from Mozart, Beethoven or Brahms but actually much closer than one might suppose.

totus tuus