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LSG - The Unreleased Album By Oliver Lieb

  • Title: LSG Unreleased Album
  • Artist: Oliver Lieb
  • Album: 2002-2003 around
  • Genre: electronic
  • Length: 1:14:42 minutes (102.59 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Joint ster 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)
Type of Music: 
Tracks have no names as per Oliver Lieb aka LSG

Now before you say this is out, its not and was released by Oliver himself a few months back, for free download on his soundcloud. Here is what he had to say

for everybody not having this one yet...
the following text i put online a few years ago when i made the album available first...
i wouldnt consider the project closed at the moment anymore but we will see in the future...
i will make this available high quality wav on Beatport soon...also please DONT ask me for a tracklist atm. there simply are no names. cheers ;)

I decided to put online for free the "unreleased" LSG album. It created this in late 2002 for beeing released in late 2003. Then the distribution went down and the situation was unpredictable, so the decision was to start with the new distributor releasing a "best of LSG" album and see how things go...but this is a different story...

As i said this was done late in 2002 - so not in any way representing what i am doing right now. This is more a tribute and a big thank you to the fans of the LSG project and - at least for me now - a way to close the door to this project and focus even more on what i am doing now. Some people might say that the old stuff i have done was better than what i do right now. But please think about how things developed...
When i started the LSG project trance as a name for a style wasnt established and right now to me the word trance does have a really bad meaning and only stands for a certain commercial and non-developing style that i am glad finally managed to get less attention. I tried to stay ahead of times but in the big times of this project it was hard to always keep that in mind. So i can only ask to always keep your ears up for new styles and artists and dont block something new by just thinking that the best happend in the past already.
I personally think that at the moment the greatest thing about the music scene is that a lot is possible again like in the early days. The "we are cool - this is crap" way of thinking is not as big as it was some 5 to 8 years ago and all kind of different styles and influences can work on one label or even in one track again...
so like back then its just about good music.

Enough talking...
Thanks for reading

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Glad I found this!


Mr Lieb could not have said it better:

"all kind of different styles and influences can work on one label or even in one track like back then its just about good music"

Amazing mix

Good stuff finding this AndyP!!! What a melodic trip of LSG :)

just listened to it again

downloaded it last night, listened to half then posted it. Could not listen to the rest because of the premier of inspector lewis in north america (bluray for series 4 is not available for another 8 days :(). Anyway its typical oliver lieb, top class, great melodies. Thanks to mr.lieb for releasing it