ARTBAT was incredible... So many good ones... Wish I could pay a subscription to get the videos without ads...


Yeah the Cercle stuff is great. You should check out the Adana Twins set and also ARTBAT on top of a mountain!


That Sebastien Leger was fantastic! And at the Pyramids.. Love what Cercle has been doing..


ha, must have some generators on site


guys, you should check out this set from Sebastien Leger -


Happy New Year Craig!

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Mixmag presents The Mongo Hotline

  • Title: Mixmag - The Mongo Hotline
  • Artist: Mixmag
  • Album: The Mongo Hotline
  • Length: 57:53 minutes (81.06 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 195Kbps (VBR)
Type of Music: 
This cannot get any better
1.Astronaughty - 72 Moogs In The Sky
2.Mr.Scruff - Fish (CHOON!)
3.Earl Zinger - Song 2
4.The Vicar - Morning Prayer
5.LTJ Bukem - Music
6.Coldcut - More Beats and Pieces
7.Midfield General - General Of The Midfield
8.Depth Charge - Sex Sluts N Heaven
9.Vanishing Point - Gravity
10.Gak Sato - Green City
11.The Transistors - Mission On Venus
12.Linval Thompson - I Like To Smoke Marijuana
13.Dillinger - Marijuana In My Brain

I pulled this out yesterday to listen myself but it was so good that I just had to share it. There are some great tunes to get hammered/stoned (or insert your fave action) + they added taped bits from the world famous mongo hotline from Mixmag. Heck real deejays used to answer it at times and freak out the callers who were mashed. Anyway I had to share this..........

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old times

since cookie helped me go down memory lane. I think I will continue

Where they spoke about Sasha getting mashed and ending up in a gutter in Ibiza with only tapes of the mix and his pants and boots on. Brandon Block and his nutter I am going through these mags with all the deejays that ended up being more known for their alcohol and drug habits aka fatboyslim (before he kicked alcohol and drugs and smokes completely). This CD brings back all the memories of the early 2000`s. Hell UK GARAGE CD adverts from the lame MOS featuring the DREEM TEAM and Wookie and Artful Dodger......shit I am old.

i also remember reading

i also remember reading mixmag about 10-12 years ago and them talking about a leah "last name escapes me" girl who died after taking E. They spoke to people in the article and they even wore t-shirts that called her a lightweight. So many articles in that mag at that time about people getting shitfaced. Everytime I put this CD on, it brings me back to that era of my life when I clubbed more and cared more. Mind you I was in college at the time. Now I am old, married and eventually going for kids. Good times tho.

remember that this line was

remember that this line was for fucked up people to phone after a night out of getting mashed or if they took drugs in their homes and just stared at the ceiling for hours. UK friends of mine took them and called this line.

ha ha ha lmao

we rung this once or twice.... remember kids Ketamine is for horses. We were at Gatecrasher summer sound system many years back, and there was a bad batch of Ketamine curculating the festival, Judge Jules had to get on the mic and warn the punters of the dangers of taking Ketamine. He said something along the lines of quote " Ketamine is a very dangerous drug. 5 people have been taken to hospital already. Please dont buy Ketamine this drug is for horses " never forget that.

it turned up in one of my cd crates

I miss the mongo hotline with all the nutters calling up, that were too crushed on ketamine and other drugs.

Great CD

Thank you.... Great CD brought back memories of mangled calls to the mongo hotline!!!!