Nice one Craig!


RIP Andrew




RIP Andrew Weatherall! His EM from '96 is definitely one of my favourites of all time.


What up cream!


Hello Creator! Nice to be back:)

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Mixmag Presents Planet Progressive - Future Funk Phenomena Mixed By Cass.

Cover (front)
  • Title: Mixmag Presents Planet Progressive - Future Funk Phenomena Mixed By Cass.
  • Artist: cass
  • Album: Mixmag Presents Planet Progressive - Future Funk Phenomena Mixed By Cass.
  • Year: april 2001
  • Genre: Prog House, Breakbeat, Prog trance.
  • Length: 71:47 minutes (112.04 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 218Kbps (VBR)
free cd, mixed by Cass for Mixmag in 2001.
01. Bad Company – Coma
02. Yunus - Nefs
03. Sound 5 - The Hacienda must be RE:)built (Soul Mekanik Re-Edit)
04. Ben Shaw feat. Adele Holness - So Strong (Sander Kleinenberg Mix)
05. The Electroliners - Loose Caboose
06. Science Dept feat. Erire - Breathe (Danny Howells Drifting Dub)
07. Jimmy Van M and Young American Primitive feat. Terra Deva - Forget Time (Dub Mix)
08. Pollon - Lonely Planet
09. Loafer - Travelog
10. 2B - Trust UR Receiver
11. Evolution - Crocodile Man
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track 5

one of a few tracks from those boys that were the inspiration for my username *cringe* lol. that said, track 6 is the standout track for me here, always a great tune to finish a mix

tasty mix...

some very good tracks for 11 years old, nice work craddock

shut it

you stupid cunt.

Go back to thinking about girls in iceland or some ridiculous baltic country.

it was finland....actually :D :P

look on a map, they're not close...the baltic countries are Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.... :D

andy, you're the rule to the exception...

as the other two from toronto are prize toenails!!!

what rough gems munky

I posted the original version of this, a year ago. His version is better than the one I put up. So give credit where credit is due. Timo Maas was posted as well, albeit a shittier version.

I've played this CD so many times over the years. Such an amazing mix, add the sander k version of so strong...such a track that draws memories.

still credit to craddy for pulling this up and making you twats think it was never

bite me.


to be honest i never checked if it :)

Track 2

Remember coming back from Cream one night completeley FU***D ... In a people carrier some of us did'nt know where we were.... Lets just say this track put the cat amongst the pigeons... Trippy... or was it???????????

craddock is the new A & R

craddock is the new A & R for Mixriot, finding those rough gems, nice work mate


cheers munkyn.


Loose caboose,quality.


That's DJ Dan & a guy named Jim Hopkins, who used to have a San Fran label called Twitch in the 90s. More than a few dope acid breaks trax were on that label, some seriously funky loops too. Were I a vinyl collector, I'd have a few cabooses to show for it. totus tuus


& I have every version of 'Caboose released on wax. =)
Was Jim part of SF's Funky Techno Tribe w/ Dan and Donald Glaude?

Hey kfsoh...

love one? Sort me out? totus

love one... Sort me out? totus tuus