well played C, forgotten how this set intro-ed a "new" take on DnB that was part jump-up but w/rude beats & throwback samples


Rare live set from ETI.. Recommended..


just thought id bring this bad boy up again

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Paolo Aliberti - Radio Show 07/2009

  • Length: 63:37 minutes (105.58 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 231Kbps (VBR)

About Paolo Aliberti:

It is in the one-hour town Italian: Turin, where Paolo in the late'80s began his artistic journey as a DJ.

In the mid-90s along with his prolific activity of Dj producer he started to attend some recording studios in Turin, where does the first experience, but above all learn the use of machinery and equipment for his activity.

In the mid 90's Paolo, in the back of his disc shop, gives life to his first home studio and in 1999 published the first recording. Already in 2000, he participated in an important collaborations and publications associated with known record labels: Media Records, Time Records and V2 Records. In 2004 he set up in Brescia with his friend, Roberto Cipro, the 72Trax. He begin the career of producer and remixer, always supported by his dj-set at the national level. In 2005, the Scorpio France in collaboration with Melodica Records offers Paolo the remix for the Ilona Mitrecey’s project. The single sold over two million copies and remains in first place in the French charts for more than twenty-eight weeks.

The following year,2006, the Melodica Records wants Paolo in its production staff. Once transferred to the study, Paolo works on the remix of "Stop Dimentica", the single that anticipates the new album of Tiziano Ferro. The same year came the project "Pornocult". The team performs in a few months several remixes for international DJs like Roger Sanchez, Lideback Luke, Robbie Riviera, and many others. It is the single "100% leather" to consolidate the project and the sound "Pornocult" on an international level. With "Shining Star" and its electro house sounds, which distinguish the project Pornocult, the remix is sent overseas to the american Nervous Records and also in many European countries will soon reach the top of the French chart about the single most sold and programmed.

The sound of Paolo takes position and Tiziano Ferro assigned Paolo the realization of the remix of the new single "E Raffaella è mia.".

In March 2008 his remix of Alp vs. Outwork "Fiesta Elektronikca" gets to the Top 2 Dowload of Beatport, programmed by Roger Sanchez in his "Release Yourself" and supported by dj such as Bob Sinclar, Carl Cox, Tocado and many others ... In December Beatport elected Paolo’s remix sixth best-selling disc of 2008 in House music.

In May 2009, with more than fifty productions in its load between original and remix, Paolo decides to end his enterprising and constructive cooperation with Melodica Records to start a new challenge and artistic enterprise.

Then moved his studio production - became ever more impressive and evolutes - into a new structure where, in close collaboration with the Musica Evento srl gives life to Supersonik Records: independent dance label and directly managed by the same Paolo.

Management & Booking:

Officail Website:
SuperSonik Records:

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Just started listening to this, nice attention to detail, will check out Paolo.