ARTBAT was incredible... So many good ones... Wish I could pay a subscription to get the videos without ads...


Yeah the Cercle stuff is great. You should check out the Adana Twins set and also ARTBAT on top of a mountain!


That Sebastien Leger was fantastic! And at the Pyramids.. Love what Cercle has been doing..


ha, must have some generators on site


guys, you should check out this set from Sebastien Leger -


Happy New Year Craig!

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Paul Oakenfold Boxed 96 - Mix #1

Cover (front)
  • Title: Paul Oakenfold Boxed 96 - Mix #1
  • Artist: Paul Oakenfold Boxed
  • Album: Boxed 96 - Mix #1
  • Year: 1996
  • Length: 124:27 minutes (284.84 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)
Paul Oakenfold : Boxed 96 - Mix #1
1. Robert Miles - Children (Message Version)
2. Seal - Newborn Friend (Blue Amazon DMC Remix)
3. Grace - Orange (Original Perfecto Mix)
4. Billy Ray Martin - Immitation Of Life (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix)
5. Dubro - X-Cellent (Strange Sensations Vocal)
6 Sasha & BT - Heart Of Imagination
7. Sasha & Marie - Be As One
8. Jelle Boufon - Hope (Hold My Hand) vocoder male / acidy / piano
9. Beat Foundation - Save Me (Skinnymalinky) "only you can save me" male
10. BOD - My House (The Owner Of The Housemix) "this is my house, do as i say or you will get out" male
11. Geoff Smith - Six Wings Of Bliss (Sound Factory Vocal Mix) female / piano
12. Zee - Dreamtime (Quivver Vocal Mix)
13. Dilemma - In Spirit (Biff 'N' Memphis Mix)
1. JX - Theres Nothing I Wont Do (Red Jerry & JX Dub)
2. Inaura - Coma Aroma (Perfecto Mix)
3. Tenth Chapter - Wired (The Stonk Remix)
4. Floorplay - Automatic (Original Mix)
5. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access (Original Mix)
6. Utah Saints - Star (Red Jerry Mix)
7. Grace - Down To Earth (Oakenfold & Osborne Master Mix)
8. Man With No Name - Floor Essence (Dayglo Mix)
9. Man With No Name feat Hannah - Paint A Picture (Vocal Mix)
10. The Infninity Project - Stimuli (Original Mix)
11. Johann - New Kicks (Original Mix)
Your rating: None Rating Average: 8 (5 votes)


I still got this double tape

I still got this double tape put away with the rest. Quality from Oakey as always back then. Nice to see it put up on here Craddock.

Oakeys had his time.

I think oakey has had his time,have you heard his new mix cd never mind the bollox it's not bad but not enough for what else is about today,competition is fierce so many good dj/producers out there today...

obviously no sasha or diggers

Sasha and Diggers both built their careers on being able to make something out of nothing and being able to take you on a journey. Oakenfold was never a stupid person, some thought he was but he is not. He was always branching out into other things and that is probably why he got so big so quickly. He signed Salt N Pepa years and years ago back when he was a bike courier in New York in the 80's. Oakenfold was doing film soundtracks before it was cool (now everyone is doing it)......with Swordfish (cool film, halle berry breasts and nice soundtrack). Everytime someone says he is finished, the exact opposite happens. His perfecto label as well, signing Timo Maas before he got big. Dave Ralph was another, Tranceport 2. Now he lives in Hollywood with his wife Angela Costa and I believe 1 or 2 kids. The ironic thing about this mix is that he pushed the goa stuff big time before anyone else caught on (1994 Goa Mix). People will go see Oakenfold just because of his name and because I think some believe he will rise to his lofty heights again.

yeah he no sasha or diggers

yeah he no sasha or diggers at mixing but the tunes he was playing was great,love goa mix and he pretty much ran things in the

its not a cd

Your copy is probably better. I am sure it was not recorded from CD. No Matter, as it shows in this mix, his mixing is not top notch but it never was, he just had the best tunes as a famous deejay once said.......why did you become a deejay, I just had the best record collection. I do not believe it is Oakenfold at his best, his best was probably 1998 but it was Oakenfold not at the height of his commercial prowness, where clubs would pay oakenfold, tong and the like......rediculous amounts of money. Heck football players were not making that much in 1996 per week.

yeah this is oakey at his

yeah this is oakey at his best,mines taken from tape so your cd might sound a bit better.cheers for the comments...

My friend gave me that yesterday

Its ironic, he gave me a cdr and I just looked at it and you posted it. Judging by the time, it has some amazing tracks. Robert Miles' Children was a great one, tho I do claim that Tilt's rework and courtyard mix was 100 times better. Sasha's classic Be As One and as well as Man With No Name......great stuff craddock!