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Paul Oakenfold ( slinky sessions #122 )

  • Title: Slinky Sessions Episode 122 (Guest Paul Oakenfold)
  • Artist: Lee Haslam
  • Album: Trance - Digitally Imported Premium
  • Year: 2012
  • Genre: Trance
  • Length: 119:32 minutes (218.86 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 256Kbps (CBR)
Type of Music: 
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Here cookie i'd still go to that if the tickets are there for you mate.
You'll still have a good night, it's Oakey back in the courtyard after all.
Just for the nostalgia it'll be worth going. I'll stick by my rant coz it's the truth and i'm one (like most on here) that likes things fresh and upfront. Something Oakey don't do no more.
Get your nostalgic head on, don't expect too much musically and it'll be quality. At the least he will drop some classics in mate.

@ Dan The Man

My cousin has tickets for Oakey's return to the courtyard ( Cream ) on the 3rd of March. Thinking of going with her which is why i have been listening to some of Oakey's recent sets. Your all right though, he has lost his way so i know it won't be like the courtyard of old.. I guess i'm just hoping really!

Trance was dead and buried

Trance was dead and buried in 2000/01 and progressive house is now rightly a dirty word too with the shitty, dinky toy euphoric shite that's been getting released under that banner for the last 4/5 years.
The music most of us love on here deep/tech/techno/etc is real progressive music. Trance,electro,progressive,dubstep they are all stuck with the noises they've got and aren't able to move forward. They need binning, even the young un's must realise it's just regurgitated tripe.
Oakey was an hero to me throughout the 90's but electroliner is spot on Oakey forgot about the underground long ago, thinking about it he's done nothing cutting edge for like what 15 years? Love the man but at his age he surely can't enjoy playing this stuff. Same goes for Van Dyke and the rest. It's a niche market and earns the coin i suppose.
Oakey was a true pioneer and should rightly be remembered as such, but now he's a middle-age man who got lazy and lost his touch.
Rant over :)
Still glad you uploaded it though Cookie at least i know what he's up to.

oakies problem

is that he spent so much time trying to remix music from artists like U2 among others that he forgot about the underground and the type of music that made him famous in the first place. regarding trance, im sure there's better stuff out there but I just cant bring myself to listen to it anymore. Anything post 2002 just doesnt get my attention at all.

if this is trance then I'm glad I don't listen...

to this....sounds very dub steppy at the start..... and generally very souless not what it used to be at all. Sounds like trance needs putting to bed once and for all or re-catagorize it as, well we all know the answer...

Oakies set is nothing to write home about as well, I'm not sure how he has lost his way so much...