ARTBAT was incredible... So many good ones... Wish I could pay a subscription to get the videos without ads...


Yeah the Cercle stuff is great. You should check out the Adana Twins set and also ARTBAT on top of a mountain!


That Sebastien Leger was fantastic! And at the Pyramids.. Love what Cercle has been doing..


ha, must have some generators on site


guys, you should check out this set from Sebastien Leger -


Happy New Year Craig!

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Sasha @ Danzoo, Mexico City 05-June-2003 (Part 1/3)

Cover (front)
  • Title: Sasha @ Danzoo Mexico City 05-June-2003 (Part1)
  • Artist: Sasha
  • Album: Live at Danzoo, Mexico 05.06.2003
  • Year: 2003
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Length: 78:51 minutes (108.28 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

I was there that night, I have to say that it was one of the best parties of my life, it was the first time that I saw Sasha live, he totally blew me away as well as all the club. I don't have the tracklist and there are some gaps in the mix (only in the first part), this was really hard to find and it's a priceless jewel believe me, I will upload the other 2 parts today enjoy!

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Just listened to the 1st

Just listened to the 1st part, excellent. Please hurry and get parts 2 and 3 up. Thanks!


cannot wait for part 2 and 3.

Full tracklist....well as best as I can (blatantly stolen from's forum

Live @ Danzoo Club, Mexico City, Mexico 6-4-03 - 203 minutes
01. ID
02. James Holden - A Break In The Clouds (Ambient Mix)
03. James Holden - A Break In The Clouds (James Holden Main Mix)
04. ID synth male vocal "N, GER, G" [same as Stardust03 Track #3]
05. Panotopic - Surface (Original Mix)
06. ID
07. RND - Ripples (Jondi & Spesh Mix)
08. Matthew Dekay - Space Mountain Tablet
09. ID
10. Shmuel Flash - The Other Side Of Me
11. Golan Globus - Blazer
12. ID female "I'm Sick, I'm Going Crazy" [same as EGlobal03 Track #12]
13. Joshua Collins - Project 3 (Chris Lake Remix)
14. ID vocal "deeper"
15. Everyday Downers - The World (Chris Lake Mix)
16. ID female "Angels"
17. ID female "Desire, Yahtay, One Of You" [same as EGlobal Track #13]
18. Andry Nalin - R.O.P. (Original Mix)
19. ID male "Talking To Me"
20. Sasha - Wavy Gravy (Yunus Unreleased Mix)
21. Cirque - Cirque Music Vol 3 (Dub Mix)
22. Alex Dolby - Psiko Garden (Sasha Streched Limo Edit)
23. Tomaz vs Filterheadz - Sunshine (Scumfrog Remix)
24. ID female "Just Get, Saturday, Take My Body"
25. Coco Da Silva - The Shiva Chant (Original or Ambient Mix)
26. The Dream Traveler - Headpusher
27. ID female wail [coolshit]
28. Timo Maas - Unite (very briefly)
1st Encore
28. Timo Maas - Unite (LOUD AT FIRST)
29. Junkie XL feat Saffron - Beauty Never Fades (Junkie XL 12" Extension)
2nd Encore
30. Puff Daddy feat Kelis - Let's Get Ill (Deep Dish Vocal Mix)
31. Remake vs Scam - Bladerunner vs Killa w/ P Diddy feat Kelis - Let's Get Ill (Accapella)