After a 3.5 year hiatus, I got back in the lab and produced my latest mix. Check it out. Would love to hear your feedback.


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Sasha Glastonbury 2010

  • Title: Sasha @ (Global Underground, emFire) Glade Stage - Glastonbury Festival - 25.06.2010
  • Artist: Sasha
  • Year: 2010
  • Genre: House
  • Length: 96:25 minutes (88.27 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
Type of Music: 
01: Sasha - Sparky Lives (V_rtek Mix)
02: Yamil Colucci - Bactriana (Deepfunk Remix)(Stripped Recordings)
03: King Unique - 2 000 000 Suns (I think it's the original?)
04: Cirez D - Glow (In The Dark Dub)
05: Steve Angello - Alpha Buguera
06: Cirez D - On Off with Depeche Mode - Photographic (Acappella)
07: Cirez D - The Tumble
08: Faithless - Not Going Home (Eric Prydz Remix)
09: ID
10: Morgan King - I'm Free (William Orbit Remix)
11: Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity
12: Quivver - Chasin A Feeling (Original mix)
13: Underworld - Scribble

Sasha's headlining set on the Glade Stage at Glastonbury Festival, 2010

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multiple listens later

and this is still a fantastic mix. while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just what did they expect from sasha here so as to not disappoint them? he mixed some new tracks with some old bangers which is what most festival goers want to hear. supoib.

@ Dan The Man

Agreed, Sasha is head & shoulders above all other djs imo...

Funny looking back at the

Funny looking back at the comments on this mix.
You wonder why some people even bother listening to him. 'Breaks is dead' and all that shite, lmfao. Get off your high horse and go and listen to something else. Sasha rocks 99% of the time as he does here, doesn't matter what he's playing. I'm still buzzing he dropped Morgan King in. Sasha no1. You over-critical fools.

Possibly a slightly better quality version of this mix

I know it's still 128K bitrate but I think it sounds better....whatever.....!

best sasha mix in 18 months

for me vintage sasha-dark glorious pumping-no latin house garage tribal vocal bollocks-i have downloaded all his mixes since then and apart from the colours radio mix-basically deleted them all disappointed-fxxk i am listening to the opening track now and GETTING SHIVERS -AND WHEN HE DROPS THAT BASE --OMG

Most tunes are recent

Most tunes are recent, if not all.

My second comment on this mix

To say this is not a good set is totally wrong.

This is the sort of thing that got "the man like" famous in the fist place!

This is a proper Sasha set. The sort of set you rarely hear from him these days. Yep, music moves and he (and others) have to move with it. I've not heard another like it since. Shame.

But all of those tunes are recent!

sasha and yousef

theres a track missing from the listing on here it only comes in for a couple of mins between steve angello and cirez d and is actually a new track from SASHA & YOUSEF called THUNDERBIRD, well obviously not that new as this set is nearly a year old but think its gonna be released soon.

Nice nickbradders

You're absolutely correct. I believe this is the complete tracklisting (please correct me if I'm wrong):
01. Badger - Stop Clock (Part 1) (Sasha Intro Edit) 
02. @04min  Sasha - Sparky Lives (V_rtek Mix) 
03. @12min  Yamil Colucci - Bactriana (Deepfunk Remix) 
04. @17min  King Unique - 2000000 Suns (V_rtek Mix) 
05. @23min  Cirez D - Glow (In The Dark Dub) 
06. @29min  Steve Angello - Alpha Baguera 
07. @33min  Sasha & Yousef - Thunderbird 
08. @38min  Cirez D - On Off  w/ Depeche Mode - Photographic (Acappella) 
09. @45min  Cirez D - The Tumble 
10. @49min  Faithless - Not Going Home (Eric Prydz Remix) 
11. @57min  Chemical Brothers - Don't Think 
12. @65min  Morgan King - I'm Free (William Orbit Remix) 
13. @74min  Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity 
14. @84min  John 'Quivver' Graham - Chasin A Feeling 
15. @90min  Underworld - Scribble

this was great through a

this was great through a pair of headphones with the volume cranked up. 9/10


Really a very average effort to be honest - typical Sasha wanking around for most of it. And when is he going to just give it the fuck up - breaks is dead man - get the fuck over it!

How old?

You have to love it when a punter puts forward the naive "breaks is dead" slogan as though it were both a penetrating and widely shared insight.The break is a tool for the beatmeister, a musical weapon to be unleashed when circumstances require it. Granted, there's purist breakbeat jocks in the game &, for the most part, I find their sound dull & uninteresting. Freeland, however, seems to be back on point with the Kaleidoscope direction he's taken. That said, the breakbeat is more often than not an integral element whose efficacy brings about developments in pop music. One need only recall Motown, 80s hip hop or the inimitable sound of the Jamaican steel drum. totus tuus


Best Sasha mix I have heard in years. It's so good I thought the date must be wrong and that this was actually about 10 years old!!

Really relentless stuff.

The guy is still the best.

a mix of two halves

For me the first half of the mix was more potent and Sasha-like, than the directionless (at times) 2nd half having seen Sasha many times before

2000000 suns

The mix of this is Sasha's own edit......decent set all round imo

great mix :)

great mix :)

what does it take to get

what does it take to get this guy to make a decent set for a change?

simply awesome

simply awesome

sasha at his best

i absolutely love this set....been listening to it loads.... this is what sasha does best this is his sound and when he is on this form no one can touch him probably one of his best sets since he's been using ableton. love it


sasha at his best

Generic comment in favour of

Generic comment in favour of the mix, but at times i found it to be shallow and padantic.

It's "pedantic"... [sorry]

It's "pedantic"... [sorry]



Not the best Sasha mix, bit

Not the best Sasha mix, bit dissapointing

I saw it live too - was

I saw it live too - was front middle - amazing lights and amazing set...back on good form

Proper festival mix

Rips right from the off, great stuff

Oh yes!

I saw this live and was expecting a watery ableton-dampened mix. The whole thing blew my expectations, and was great to see Sasha perform like he was born to. Maybe it seemed better because I was there, with the crowd, but thanks for putting this up. Its the bomb and the highlight of my year.


Some really cracking stuff here. Best in ages. Don't miss this. 05:15-22:25, 22:27-40:20, 1:01:48-01:07:38 - outstanding stuff.

2000000 Suns, its defainely

2000000 Suns, its defainely not the Digweed and Muir remix which is to good for words. the only other mix I can find (on beatport is the original)

great mix

great mix