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Sasha - Live @ Amenisa, Ibiza - 7/28/1997

  • Title: Live @ Amnesia, Ibiza - 1996-07-28
  • Artist: Sasha
  • Album: Live @ Amnesia, Ibiza - 1996-07-28
  • Year: 1996
  • Length: 92:56 minutes (121.13 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 182Kbps (VBR)
Stef Pako & Fred Erik - "Magic Shop" (Absolut)
Paul Van Dyk - "Words" (MFS)
Visions Featuring Diane Lyne - "Coming Home" (Vision)
Artist Unknown - Untitled (white Label)
Tomorrow - "Scared" (white Label)
SNS - "You Do Me Wrong [Violator Mix]" (Avex)
Goldie - "Inner City Life" (white Label)
AGH - "Heliotropic" (Avex)
The Light - "Panfried" (AAA)
Superstition - "LSG" (Superstition On)
Libra Presents Taylor Anomally - "Calling You Name" (Granny Mix) (Platipus)
Clanger - "Clanger" (Seismic)
Paul Van Dyk - "Beautiful Place"
Rating Average: 9.5 (12 votes)


A Seminal MIx For Me

Picture the scene... The summer of 1996. A hot one as I recall it. A Levels done. Uni. on the way. A few months to chill, be with friends every day and to totally be young and free. This mix was 100% the soundtrack to that (mainly on auto reverse loop in the cassette player for my Metro GTi!). I DJd loads at the time and there were free parties and house parties and club nights galore in those months. But this mix changed me completely in terms of music style and what worked for me. At the beginning of that summer I was (now old school) rave and house, by the end I was progressive and trance and it was this mix that made that happen. Nice one Sasha and PVD and Slacker and BT and Clanger and Libra. Thanks for the memories!

nice quality for this set

great sound quality on this -- i had it on tape a while ago, but the sound quality was pretty rough.

BTW, Song 4 the unknown artist, is Hong Kong Trash - Cactus Funk.

I had to switch it off

I downloaded this after all of the glowing reports, and it just wasn't for me.
I can't seem to listen to mixes with such a high tempo any more.
I guess a peak time set at Amnesia doesn't sound the same to me sat on a train on the way home from work as it would have done being there!
Managed to make it to 40 mins before switching to something else.

would pay anything to see

would pay anything to see sasha knock a set out like this again..timeless

oh and the last track by PVD

oh and the last track by PVD is called - I cant feel it not beautiful place!

Back when pvd & sasha were in the same league

I remember haveing a copy of this from my brother and he always said it was like his re-introduction to sasha after his hacienda days & his introduction to a new era of prog/trance! You would never get sasha playing a paul van dyk track or even one playlisted by him nowadays, but he plays 2 of his best tracks off his seven ways LP just before release in this set! Purely down to the fact that PVD was working closely with BT at that time probably, just like sasha had been apart from his name and music hadnt quite taken off yet but this was the start!!! Seaside atmosphere is actualy the name of the 1st track on this mix with magic shop being the b-side! A classic set and a great era for dance music especialy trance, one that can never be replaced. wish i had been in amnesia that night.

Such euphoria

This brings back the genuine hysteria that occurred when Sasha played in the 90's. Kind of the Vladimir Horowitz of dance music.... if that makes any sense.

I don't want to lust after "back in the day" in a reactionary sense but I did get so much more excited by this music than what's about now.

This and the 1995 studio mix are the finest Sasha mixes of that era in my opinion - all shiny and sparkly and twinkly but absolutely overflowing with energy. I find the scene a bit stagnant and samey nowadays. Seems like it's run out of ideas and is more about lush production values now than briliant ideas like in the tracks here.

Lovely memories here!

My favourite Sasha and Essential Mix

I recorded this on tape when it was originally broadcast on Radio 1 back in 1996. I listened to it (and the Pete Tong and Rampling mixes from the same night) all the time for at least the next year. I know all the tracks off by heart but it's still my favourite mix by a long shot. Such a brilliant set. Sasha doesn't get any better than this, in my opinion.

Can't believe i'v just found

Can't believe i'v just found this! Not my best Sasha set but it comes fucking close. Great upload!

i went though a point where

i went though a point where i listened to this on repeat and to this day it still doesn't get old. hands down my favorite sasha mix.

anyone have any suggestions on mixes similar to this?

Know what you mean!

Me too, only back-to-back with the 1995 studio mix!

taking you back

found this accidently pucker!!!

1 of my all time favorite

1 of my all time favorite mixes.

Thanks for the upload,

Thanks for the upload, freedbird, downloading now. Cheers.