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users can cancel through PayPal. ill cancel for you


Hey, I would like to cancel my subscription, can't find anywhere to do it... Doesn't increase the trust :(


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Thanks to everyone for being part of this.


Happy Holidays Folx! Thanks for the dedication, Creator! Cheers!


new Duck Sauce EM is pretaaaayyy goooood

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Sasha Live @ Gatecrasher 5th Birthday 1999

  • Title: Sasha - Live @ Gatecrasher's 5th Birthday, The Republic Sheffield (18.09.1999)
  • Artist: Sasha
  • Album: Gatecrasher's 5th Birthday, The Republic Sheffield
  • Year: 18.09.1999
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 67:38 minutes (154.8 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)
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BIG time for me . . .

For me, back then Sasha was number 1 PAULE

Sasha GU009 San Francisco is

Sasha GU009 San Francisco is by far the best GU mix, i cherish it has much as the Renaissance and Northern Exposure CDs. Oakey New York 007 is also mind blowing,especially disc1, truly magical. I'm really enjoying Sasha here at Gatecrasher. It was just before everything went pear shaped, largely due to GC. But still a good year was 99'.

Just found the tracklisting....

01. ID
02. ID
03. ID
04. Bluefish - One
05. BT - Mercury & Solace
06. Junkie XL - Future In Computer Hell (Part 2)
07. Cliff Tangredi - Shimmer
08. Sander Kleinenberg Sacred (Dub)
09. Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Evolution Unreleased Mix)
10. ID
11. Mindtrap - Much Better Man
12. Sasha - Xpander

absolutely Mr R...

The cream rises to the top. Maybe it's as I get older my taste has become more discerning (i'm 44 now - gulp!) but as I was driving my little lad around london at 7 this morning (don't ask!) listening to some fairly cheesy Oakenfold Anthems it's amazing how the timeless classics are obvious - Robert Miles - Children, Madagascar, Beachball and how disposable a lot of the rest is. Compare Bullet in the Gun with, for example, The Baguio Track. The former track was hugely popular for about 6 months but the latter has all the hallmarks of greatness which are broadly indefinable and even further back the Northern Exposure Album (the one with the rope on the front cover) still sounds massively relevant. The problem now of course with Beatport is that there are 300 tracks a week released and no one could hope to listen to them all unless it was their job to do so. Lots of room for creativity but massive amounts of plagiarism though I think. An amazing track I have just discovered: Symptoms of a Stranger - Saiz remix. I miss Bedrock massively - it was the highlight of my month - the gathering of the clans. I miss clubbing too actually. All the best. B

ah yes mr robot.....

but you've got to remember what gatecrasher was like --all glowsticks and ravy davy types who traditionally went for the high tempo hard house style. the sound quality is rubbish i agree. As for fav mix album what about diggers GU los angeles CD1. Wild.

Apollo Vibes

...then Love In Traffic, and that's just from memory. Yes, that's a truly great mix too, but I have some special memories of the Communicate album launch party at Heaven and that album is close to my heart.

I never actually went to Gatecrasher and I think it's interesting how much, to my ears, that sound has dated compared with the GU LA mix. Is it a case of fashion fades but style remains?

An artifact

Listening to this feels like archeology. Not least because of the rubbish quality and the sort of high BPM Sasha would probably recoil from in utter horror these days. Communicate is just about my all-time favourite mix album and this is out of the same drawer, but even that is not quite enough to redeem the quality issue; not quite enough to warrant a second listen.


diff these were the days when dance music was good todays stuff pure drab crap

Very global underground, really good

If you liked Sasha's Ibiza Mix for GU then this is a quality mix played at a legendary night when it was really at the top of its game. Great stuff only let down by the radio interruptions from the Galaxy DJ.