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Sasha - Live Vol 1

  • Title: Sasha Live
  • Artist: Sasha
  • Album: Sasha Live
  • Genre: Electronica/Dance
  • Length: 74:21 minutes (85.1 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 160Kbps (CBR)
Type of Music: 

If you remember The Edge tape packs that used to advertise CD's for sale on the back, you may remember this. Awesome set from Sasha!

Rating Average: 9.4 (10 votes)




As good as it gets!

As good as it gets!

chance would be...

a fine thing...I would imagine it will be released officially from Renaissance sometime in the future!!! :D

can some one please get

can some one please get the set from leeds and the set from berningham

now you all no

now you all no how he bacame the greatist there is .
i was at leeds last week and his set there was as good as a way back then

classic sasha

they dont make them like this any more perfect cd to come back down to earth with back in the day used to have cd years ago but it went with me to a few partys and lost it great to have it again brings back a few memories f****** class .

Sasha building his legacy.

Sasha building his legacy. Wish i had a time machine!
Always wanted to know the name of the 'Future Vision' track and now i do. Nice one!
Got a tape of DJ Sonny starting off with it at Paradise club - Manchester, circa 92-93. Awesome!!!

same here - been after that

same here - been after that Future Vision track for year and years but never knew what is what called

this packs some great memories

omg. brilliant. takes me back a while. I'm going to dig out some of my older cd compilations. Thanks and well done for uploading this. example of why Sasha example of why Sasha is king of the castle...

Is there

another volume to go with this?
Looking back is seems weird how diverse a DJ could be in tune selection compared to these days!

You're getting on to it...

SBleaks, you're on the right track, the scent is in your nose, the pot of gold is near. Contemporary dance tunage is typically delivered a la micro-specializations--which is why older sets from the architects & their mates are so worth the listen. Fear not, there's more than one or two DJs plying their trade with ideas being expressed outside the ever-shrinking beat-boxes that so effectively hamper creativity. Names? Keep sniffing, you're on it.

Superb quality

Recognise the mix, might have a TL for it. Very good quality recording, may I ask what the source is? Also I defy any one not to have a neck hair standing moment for Gypsy - I Trance You - 49mins (start) and 'the' moment at 51mins. Bliss!!!

Superb quality

I've got the original CD. I must of bought it about 17 yrs ago (showing my age!) and the tunes have well and truely stood the test of time. Classic in my opinion

Ah nice job, a good move.

Ah nice job, a good move. Mine is (now was) a rip from a tape copy of the mix. Thanks again!


1. Elisa - Love Vibration (Perfecto mix) ffrr

2. Inner City - Till We Meet Again

3. Remake vs Inner City - Bladerunner 'Til We Meet Again (Brothers In Rhythm Perkappella)

4. B.M.E.X. - Apollonia

5. Metropolis - Hyporeel (F.S.O.L.) 2 copys

6. ??? european tune

7. Dr Baker - Turn Up The Music (Frankfurt Posse Remix)

8. ???

9. Rhythm Invention - Chronoclasm

10. Gloworm - I Lift My Cup

11. Dee Patten - Whos The Badman

12. LA Factory - Synth Problem (Italian Dig-it)

13. Future Vision - 30 Feet Below Your Head (old school house mix)

14. Gipsy - I Trance You

15. Celine Dion - Love Can Move Mountains (House mix) "you got to feel it baby"

16. 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare

17. Floor Federation - Music For The Masses

18. S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M.- Its Gonna Be A Lovely Day (C&C)

19. George Morel - On One (Morels Grooves vol 2)

quality set and recording

quality set and recording reckon about 92 if the tracks on here anything to go by..

Sasha Vol 1

Yeah 1992 spot on.
There isnt a tracklisting on the CD but I've managed to id some of the tunes so I'll dig it out and update.
I shall also upload Volume 2 later