What a 3hr special Craig. Name of the track you mix in just before 1:32:00? F*(@&#....


Yep, or twitch. We just figured the Facebook page has about 3k followers so it would be a good base


Next time a YouTube stream might be better... might reach more people


awww i missed it i dont have FB anymore. I'll be sure to check the recording on here but I was there in spirit!!


Great job Craig!


you don't need to have a FB account... just follow the link to the stream

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Sasha & Matthew B - Live at Eclipse, Coventry, Blast From The Past Vol. 4, April 1991

  • Title: Sasha & Matthew B - Live at Eclipse, Coventry, Blast From The Past Vol. 4, April 1991
  • Artist: Sasha & Matthew B
  • Album: Live at Eclipse, Coventry, Blast From The Past Vol. 4, April 1991
  • Year: 1991
  • Length: 57:38 minutes (79.15 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)
Type of Music: 
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DJ Sasha & Matthew

DJ Sasha & Matthew 'bushwacka' B @
The Eclipse Coventry April 91 + MC
A Blast From The Past 4
1. PKA - Let Me Hear You Say Yeah
2. Teknobit - Sade Sound part one "r u ready"
3. Techno Age - Movin On
4. Alpha Dy - Chicago Trip "stomp like this"
5. Beba Sheen - I Need To Talk To You "fall down on me"
6. Sub Sub - Space Face
7. Shades Of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation (2 mixes)
8. Cathy Dennis - Touch Me (all night long)
9. Chrystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (dub)
10. Chrystal Waters - Gypsy Woman
10. Bananarama - Long Train Running "Without Love, Where Would U B Now"
11. Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives
12. Johnny Parker - Love It Forever
13.Collapse - My Love (Ambient Drops)
14. Rhythm Foundation - Let The Whole World Know
15. Cappella - Everybody

1. Cappella - Everybody (Cont)
2. Raimunda Navarro - No Ho Lago Por Dinero (piano/spanish guitar tune)
3. DJ Brutal Bill - Get On The Move (Breakdown)
4. Bassheads - Who Can Make Me Feel Good
DJ Matthew B set -----
5. The Brat Pack - Never Gonna Give You Up (C&C)
6. Psyance - Motion (Plus8)
7. Chris Simmonds - Tinkerbell (Baby Blue 001)
8. X-Men - I Can Read Your Mind (skippy beat)
9. Dr Alban - Groove Machine II (Pumping Jam Mix) samples technotronic
9. The Break Boys - Listen to the Rhythm Flow
10. Wild Boys - Do Your Thing
11. Kenny Dope presents The Dope Wax All Stars - Petey Wheatstraw Returns (Demand Mixxx) todd terry stylee
12. DJs Rule - Get Into The Music (Cyber Mix)
13. Mike Dunn - Born 2 B Houze (The Get Down dub) "come on, do it"
14. Epitome Of Hype - Ladies With An Attitude (Blapps)