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Sasha at Soak - Leeds Corn Exchange 23rd October 1993

Cover (front)
  • Title: Sasha Soak @Leeds Corn Exchange Oct 93
  • Artist: Sasha
  • Year: 1993
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 93:28 minutes (85.58 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
Would love a "trainspotter" to help name many of these great tunes. Only ones I can definitely state to are as follows:
BT - Embracing the Sunshine\
Sven Vath - Accident in Paradise
Sasha and Sam Mollison - Higher Ground
Bros in Rhythm (I think) - Forever and a Day

For anyone who ever went to one of the Soak parties at the Corn Exchange in Leeds will know just how special they were. This was no exception, although Sasha's set that night wasn't a hit. He brought his new progressive/trance sound to Leeds for the first time and a lot of people whow ere expecting his usual "hands in the air piano" were very upset with this. I wasn't one of them and thought this was different class from the outset. Sample conversation with mate after:
Him - "Sasha will be dead in clubs with sets like that"
Me - "Nah, this is his new sound and make him even bigger"
(feel quite smug about that one now!!)
Him - "Well he'll never play that kind at Soak again, not what we want here"
Me - "Yeah he will and be even better"
(was proven wrong on that one as he played a proper house set on NYE 1993 - that set to be uploaded soon).

Anyway, this was my favourite set of his from 1993 alongside Up Yer Ronson's 1st birthday. First time I heard him play BT and also "Higher Ground". Got boxes of Sasha tapes (and others) that I shall start to upload from this era over next few months when I get time. Enjoy and please leave feedback, it helps with the desire to post more...............Oh and if anyone can clean up the quality (despite being from an "original" tape, would be appreciated)

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nice one

hey man than for posting this the man like....get some more up ere!!! cheers

Track listing

Thanks very much for track listing Craddock, that's solved a few questions I've had on this mix for near 20 years!!! Looking to try and re-submit this in better quality this week with a few more to come. Thanks again


1. Melt - Be Liquid "uh ha" female/organ
2. Joe Roberts - Lover (The Big Bump Mix)
3. Rachid Taha - Voila Voila (Pranksters Guitar Thud) one love one love
4. Dream Frequency - The Chant "come on" african chanting
5. Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music (DJ Pierre Trance Mix)
6. S100 - Flatliners (Revisited) "one minute"
7. Brothers In Rhythm - Forever And A Day
8. D:Ream - I Like It (Ramp New Game Dub) "this is a new game" whailing female/horns
9. ??? european sounding (american native beat)
1. BT - Embracing The Sunshine (Embracing The Future Mix) (dreamy inst with piano)
2. Power Circle - Garden of Peace
3. Sjef Van Leeuwen - Voices Of K.A.
4. Leftfield - Open Up (Dervish Overdrive mix)
5. Duran Duran - Drowning Man (Ramp or D:Ream Remix) piano
6. Sven Vath - An Accident in Paradise (William Orbit & Spooky Mix)
7. GTR - Ask Me
8. Apollo 440 - Rumble "yeah yeah yeah" female
9. Sasha & Sam Mollison - Higher Ground