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Completed Kiss100 2002 album




Bit of techno, dnb, house, old skool

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Scuba Beatport Live Berlin, February 22, 2012.

Cover (front)
  • Title: Scuba Beatport Live Berlin, February 22, 2012.
  • Artist: scuba
  • Length: 119:58 minutes (109.84 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
Scuba is the production and DJ alias of Paul Rose.
01. Sigha – Something In Between Us (Hotflush)
02. Toasty – Like Sun (Hotflush)
03. Distance – Empire (Hotflush)
04. Slaughter Mob – Guts N Bones (Hotflush)
05. Toasty – Take It Personal (Hotflush)
06. Search & Destroy – Anger (Hotflush)
07. Toasty – Angel (Hotflush)
08. Distance – Nomad (Hotflush)
09. Boxcutter – Brood (Hotflush)
10. Toasty – The Knowledge (Hotflush)
11. Elemental – Deep Under (Hotflush)
12. Search & Destory – Candyfloss (Hotflush)
13. Scuba – You Got Me (Hotflush)
14. Eric H – The Lights (DJ Joseph remix) (Hotflush)
15. Slaughter Mob – L’Amour (Hotflush)
16. Scuba – Plate (Hotflush)
17. Scuba – So You Think You’re Special (Hotflush)
18. Scuba – Cognitive Dissonance (Hotflush)
19. Function – Obsessed (Echochord)
20. Tommy Four Seven – Verge (Sigha remix) (CLR)
21. Boddika & Joy O – Froth (SunkLO)
22. Peter van Hoesen – Transition State 1 (Time To Express)
23. Jimmy Edgar – This One’s For The Children (Hotflush)
24. Joey Beltram – Energy Flash (Transmat)
25. Boddika – Steam (Skudge)
26. Dense & Pika – Cartoon Heart (Dense & Pika)
27. Joy Orbison – Ellipsis (unreleased)
28. Sepalcure – Hold On (Trevino remix) (Hotflush)
29. Agony Forces – Polar Era (Lycanon)
30. Scuba – Gekko (Hotflush)
31. Lando Kal – Rhythm Sektion (Hotflush)
32. Jimmy Edgar – (Hotflush)
33. Scuba – July (Hotflush)
34. Xpansions – Move Your Body (Optimism)
35. Scuba – Tulips (Hotflush)
36. Scuba – Never (Close remix) (Hotflush)
37. Scuba – Never (Hotflush)
38. Marradonna – Out Of My Head (Directo Disk



will give your software options a try, cheers


no joy, unfortunately. no option to add MP3. giving up soon i think


Have you any software that converts ie Aimersoft,I use this software to convert anything into mp3.Its also good for converting AVI files.

Thanks for the help

For some reason it downloads as a text file ? So it won't open in ITunes . I ve downloaded loads and this is the first problem

after you download it (and

after you download it (and it displays as a text file), find the file on your machine, right click on the file and then add ".MP3" to the very end of the file name. works for me.

itunes, bah............

Hate it, wouldn't use should try something like vlc or winamp.... I would never let Apple or itunes dictate my music and where its located... the structure of itunes and how it organizes your music is terrible


Have you got it playing in iTunes or just given the option cus you could copy paste when playing in iTunes then save it in your music folder.Other then that not sure what's going on. :(

still havin problems ?

i dont get the option to add .mp3? on safari it only gives me 2 options open with Itunes or save file. tried both. thanks for the help

audio updated,

i hope this is a bit better,dunmar.29 are you still having problems??


Ive downloaded a few times but no joy ? any advise ?

add .mp3 to the end of the

add .mp3 to the end of the filename