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Steve Lawler vs Roland - Live at Club Space (2003-02-09) Miami WMC

  • Title: Roland & Steve Lawler live @ C
  • Artist: Steve Lawler
  • Album: Steve Lawler vs Roland - Live at Club Space (2003-02-09) Miami WMC
  • Year: 2003
  • Genre: House
  • Length: 173:57 minutes (238.88 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)
01. Valentino - Flying (Re-Edit)
02. Rulers Of The Deep - Dirty Grooves (Main Mix)
03. Latino Circus - In Your Soul (? Remix)
04. Steve Bug - November Girl (Original Mix)
05. Radiohead - Everything In It's Right Place (Head Of The House Mix)
06. ID
07. ID
08. Mooncat & Randall Jones - Visionary Sound (Patrick Turner Mix)
09. Jas - Silver Man Tango
10. Mark James - I Love America (Original Mix)
11. Lee Cabrera - Shake It
12. Chab - The Dub Session
13. ID
14. East West Connection - High On Life (Lexicon Avenue Mix)
15. Matthew Dekay - Passion
16. Dannymotion - Kinky Obsession (Dub)
17. Astrom - Deep
18. Fred Numf vs. Etienne Overdijk - Illusion Of Truth (Mara Mix)
19. Satoshi Tomiie feat. Kelli Ali - Up In Flames (Morales Classic Dub)
20. Echomen - Perpetual (Retrofuturevocal)
21. Jas - Soul Doing Dishes (Luke Fair Mix)
22. Ricky Montanari & Davide Ruberto - Redzone
23. ID w/Underworld - Two Months Off Acappella
24. Peace Division - Seriously Twisted??
25. ID
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Great Mix! I only checked

Great Mix! I only checked it out because Lawler was in the title, but damn Roland is on point.

Roland and Steve Lawler Club Space Mix

This mix is from the the peak of the progressive house sound in Miami's club scene at Club Space in downtown Miami. This mix is superb at every level. Please note that this mix is primarily Roland, with Steve Lawler joining at the end of the recorded mix, at the peak of the evening (before moving to the terrace, which is not included in this mix). Since this was broadcast by Party 93.1 (and MC'd by Buster), the recording is mainly of the first part of the night, before the main DJ (in this case, Lawler) would come on.
This mix is so special because it showcases Roland's immense talents, and his importance to the local Space crowd of that era. Roland was always on hand to warm up (although many times his sets were of greater quality than the main DJs) for international renown DJs (think Lawler, Deep Dish, Danny Howells, Anthony Pappa, Sander Kleinenberg, et al of the progressive house era). Roland served both the main room (as in this mix), and did excellent duty on the terrace in the early morning hours.
I was there on this particular night, as on many other nights. Thanks to Roland and Space for the memories...

Very True

Very true, Niko303.

Having spent 1-2 Saturday nights each month at Space from 2000 - 2005, beginning at its original location and moving to its current, larger spot 2 blocks south, this mix brings back great memories of a once top tier music scene now gone. I was first lured to Space to see the big name, international DJs, but soon realized the best Saturday nights at Space (which began at 2:00 a.m. in the main room and ended well into the late morning on the open air, roof top terrace - sunglasses were a must) were those when no touring DJ was booked. I've seen Roland open for Sander Kleinenberg and take over without the crowd noticing after Paul van Dyk . . . immense talent to be so diverse.

But Roland's true influence on the scene came from his terrace sets, not his ability to open and close headliners. The terrace was his and his alone, unless a big name DJ was booked. On a normal Saturday night (the best nights...), Roland would spin in the main room until 2a.m., and then head out to the terrace. At sunrise, Roland was incredible... I was not, and still am not, a fan of his replacement: Cedric Gervais.

However, the real reason Space became what it did was its main resident DJ, Oscar G. As one half of Murk (along with Ralph Falcon, main resident at Pacha in New York during this time), Oscar G was already a well established and respected DJ in the US prior to his ten year Space residency (2000-2010), with many massive tracks released (some of which are still sampled today) and one or two mixes on the Essential Mix. Oscar G took over after Roland in the main room around 2 a.m.

"Ladies and gentleman, welcome . . . to Space."

I have seen just about every big and medium name DJ perform live, and none come close to Oscar G. He created the Miami sound, where you look around and literally every single person is dancing . . . to a bass drum, a snare, and a bleep. Nothing more, nothing less. He was the King of Miami for a reason.

Oscar G has had a profound, but relatively unknown, influence on just about every DJ in the world. I've always found it interesting to hear Winter Music Conference DJ sets for, no matter the DJ, the Miami sound can be heard... the sound created and perfected by Oscar G.

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