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you don't need to have a FB account... just follow the link to the stream


Live now!!!!


Jump on your wife's FB drumaddict chicago!

drumaddict chicago:

TOO Busy listening to all the great Rave Relics coming out on the lockdown

drumaddict chicago:

sorry NOT On FB ....the best thing about Facebook is that it takes up a lot of my wife's free time......LOL

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Ulrich Schnauss - Isolated Mix 001

  • Title: Exclusive mix for
  • Artist: Ulrich Schnauss
  • Album: Ulrich Schnauss - Mix for
  • Year: 2009
  • Length: 60:00 minutes (68.85 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 160Kbps (CBR)
Type of Music: 
01. Leona Naess – True love will find you in the end
02. Ryuchi Sakamoto – Firewater
03. Harold Budd – As long as i can hold my breath
04. Reinhold Heil – Native Funeral
05. Katharina Franck – Wind was playing with my hair
06. Pteranodon – Ancient Air space
07. Tangerine Dream – The unknown is the truth
08. Christian Kleine – Firn
09. Elika – You win hearts
10. White Rainbow – Warm Clicked fruit
11. Sensorama - Aspirin
12. Flying Saucer Attack – Oceans
13. Sun Electric – Stimpak
14. Aus – Halo (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

He needs no introduction. Talented man and very good. Find the rest on soundcloud and you will find Nick Warren's 010 in mp4 format.

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I think Ulrich Schnauss is a musical genius. He is up there with Jon Hopkins!


appreciate the info

are you loooking for

downtempto, ambient or chillout

Isolated Mix 016 - Kettel is downtempo, hip hop, and great electronica

Future Loop Foundation RA.060 is an outstanding mix. I love it so much, I never stop playing it. All tracks are their own and its that good

Downtempo wise - Boards of Canada, Ulrich Schnauss are great. Ulrich Schnauss' far away trains passing by ep is his best. I believe it is deleted now, not sure, track down a damn copy

Ambient wise - Track down Global Communication's 76:14 (which is probably the greatest ambient album of all time).

Mix wise, ambient......Other of the Isolated Mixes are great for ambient

Chillout - Chicane @ Ministry Of Sound (Oct 2001). Mixed? Heck No but the tracks are outstanding.

Like I said, GU024 CD 1 is one of my faves for music to calm the heck down to.

really good

enjoyed that. any similar mixes on here?

He first got everyone's attention

In 2001 with Far Away Trains Passing By, one of my fave downtempo albums of all time. He then really got into the mainstram when Nick Warren picked his tracks for GU024 in Iceland....Nobody's Home. He is a truly nice guy, helped me with stuff when I wrote for almost 7 years ago.