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Winterlight - Isolated Mix 017

  • Title: isolatedmix 17 - Winterlight
  • Artist: Winterlight
  • Album: ASIP - isolatedmix 17
  • Length: 80:08 minutes (184.36 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)
Type of Music: 
01. Northern Picture Library – Dreams and Stars and Sleep
02. Helios – Coast Off
03. Disco Inferno – Footprints in Snow
04. The Papertiger Sound – This is How it Ends
05. kontakte – A Snowflake in Her Hand
06. Ultra Vivid Scene – Lynne-Marie #1
07. Airiel – Firefly
08. Slowdive – In Mind
09. Jesper Lundager – Robot Friend Sleeps Well
10. Robin Guthrie – Camera Lucida
11. Dif Juz – The Last Day
12. Luga – This Hard Day
13. Aerosol – Excess
14. Crisopa – Fibra de Carbona y Cambios Automaticos
15. Angelmark – Twilight World
16. port-royal – Ernst Bloch
17. Felt – Be Still
18. Pacific UV – L.A.P.D vs N.Y.P.D (Eluvium remix)
Tracknotes from Tim:
Northern Picture Library – Dreams and Stars and Sleep
Perfect music to watch the world drift past to from a great album.
Helios – Coast Off
I could have made an entire mix of Helios, like epic 45 this sounds exactly like travelling in a bus or train, staring out of the window to me.
Disco Inferno – Footprints in Snow
I love all the messy sonic stuff that is going on in the background just doing enough to disturb the pretty piano line.
The Papertiger Sound – This is How it Ends
I love short instrumentals. Felt did an album of them, Let the Snakes Crinkle their Heads to Death, and this one is just perfect – comes along does its thing then stops.
kontakte – A Snowflake in Her Hand
I have been lucky enough to play with kontakte a few times and they are a fantastic, powerful live band. This track from their new album shows what beautiful music they make.
Ultra Vivid Scene – Lynne-Marie #1
I loved the first UVS album when it came out and remember being amazed he did it all himself, not so common then but it is probably the first time I thought it might be interesting to make music without a band. Only short but sometimes, like here, that works.
Airiel – Firefly
It sounds like Cocteau Twins and Slowdive, what more could you want?
Slowdive – In Mind
It always comes back to this band for me, the blueprint shoegaze female vocal in a hypnotic setting and not a guitar in sight.
Jesper Lundager – Robot Friend Sleeps Well
The Schnauss of Denmark.
Robin Guthrie – Camera Lucida
Cocteau twins are an obvious influence and Robin’s solo work showcases his incredibly beautiful guitar sound. He makes the guitar sound so beautiful; I wish I had his effects set up.
Dif Juz – The Last Day
I saw Dif Juz quite a few times and they were one of the most inventive bands and the fact they were instrumental impressed me enormously. So far ahead of their time, they invented post-rock years before it happened.
Luga – This Hard Day
I love the distorted keyboard layers on this, Mirror started from an attempt to copy that sound.
Aerosol – Excess
All That is Solid Melts Into Air is one of my favourite albums and this track is sublime.
Crisopa – Fibra de Carbono y Cambios Automaticos
Santi is newly signed to n5md; I have constantly listened to this song since I first heard it a few years ago. Just a perfectly put together, relaxed feel; I could probably listen to it on repeat for the whole journey!
Angelmark – Twilight World
Beautifully resonant guitar, sounds like sadness to my ears (a good thing!)
port-royal – Ernst Bloch
No mix would be complete without port-royal! This track is an epic journey in itself, they are the masters of ebb and flow. I can’t think of anyone who influences my music as much as Attilio.
Felt – Be Still
I will never stop loving Felt. This is a wonderful cover of a Beach Boys song.
Pacific UV – L.A.P.D vs N.Y.P.D (Eluvium remix)
This is my standard “set finisher”. It is a great remix, I love the way it overwhelms you with waves of distortion and feedback building into crescendos over and over again. Superb.

This is a great 80 mins. Music to just unwind to, music to just calm the fuck down with.

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