Ok will try that, thx


If you’re using safari, hold option while you refresh


Just need to clear your cache, or hold shift and refresh




creator - fyi on my laptop at least, the animations underneath the search barn have supersized!


Thanks Richard!

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Andrew Weatherall - a god among men

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23 Feb 2020 - 17:455945
Andrew Weatherall - a god among men
This certainly deserves a forum thread. I can't describe how devastated I was when I heard about Andrew's passing. His Essential Mixes were my introduction, but he never stopped blowing my mind with his many 6 Mixes and other random gems. I just uploaded my favorite of all of his mixes, which was him back-to-back with Ivan Smagghe. Hope you all like it. It starts with old-school rockabilly and then proceeds into some serious crowd moving tuneage.

I just found this 4+ hour mix of Andy's and can't stop listening to it: It's exactly how I envision an Andrew Weatherall show: starts WAY slow and groovy, the crowd starts to fill the floor, and it slowly builds until everyone is dancing their asses off. I really wish I could've experienced one of his shows.

RIP Andrew Weatherall. You are one of my heroes and will never be forgotten.

24 Feb 2020 - 01:035946
First off, glad to see you back around these parts Cavin. Second, Amen. Andrew was indeed a god. I remember being utterly blown away by his early EM, just realizing I'd never heard anything like it. It was definitely one of the mixes that inspired me to create this community. I knew there was a need to preserve and provide these amazing creations for the world.

They rebroadcast his 93 mix, i'll get it on the site here soon.

Thank you for starting the thread and honoring him.


I am, you see, I am the Creator, and this is my house!
And in my house there is only house music.

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26 Feb 2020 - 15:425947
Mixmag consolidated his music on Google Drive.. Link is in the article..

27 Feb 2020 - 22:405948
Awesome, thanks for the link doug. I've been re-listening to all the mixes of his that I have and will definitely start exploring this trove soon.

29 Feb 2020 - 15:285949
That YouTube set is something else. I think I'll add it to the site when I get a chance.

29 Feb 2020 - 20:225950
Do it Richard! Andy was rocking it from start to end that night.

I grabbed the mkv and opus for myself, but I'm not sure if the opus can be uploaded directly to MR, and if not I don't know the best way to upload YouTube audio to MR. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

01 Nov 2020 - 23:235975

Richard Tindall
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