also, check out luke chable. similar vein to jonathan lisle. I have a couple of his mixes that I'll upload eventually.


your inquiry made me re-listen to the mixes I upped & I'm loving them. looking forward to listening to your uploads!


@RFT: pretty sure JL is long gone, but there are 6 years of touring and appearances out there somewhere. thanks for looking.


If you know of similar DJ's i'm all ears, I am a sucker for tripped out breaks.


I have had the mixes I UL'd on my ipod@ work for years, every time they come up on shuffle I am reminded I must find the others


recorded1, just curious, but why the interest in jonathan lisle in '17? seems really random. but good. :-)

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kfsoh's Audio

Donum est: What was once

Mid afternoon-mid morning tunage working moody electro-house vibes. Funky not hard, groovy yet mellow. Consider it of the PACNW balaeric variety. Cascade, Citra, Simcoe, engage a hopped up IPA, sit down & let 20+ years of the beatscape sound surround.

1:21:57 minutes (112.65 MB)
Cover (front)
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Leo Mas_Test Pressing #358

Been trickling on here for more than 10 years, DLing, Uploads, audio experiencing. Site remains an undisputed influence. On that note, an architectonically significant sound architect of the dance era, a pioneer:

"Leo Mas was the protagonist and witness of the club scene phenomenon that was born in Ibiza. He played at the Amnesia club (with Alfredo) during '85, '86, '87 and '88 (Summer of Love) and '90 (without Alfredo, who played at Pacha). Thanks to his unique sound and innovative sets, he was propelled as one of the pioneers of house music and balearic sound."

1:06:01 minutes (151.18 MB)
Your rating: None Rating Average: 9.6 (3 votes)

Dj Clarity - Tribute to...

Some of my favorite tracks from over the years. Enjoy.

61:51 minutes (56.62 MB)
No votes yet

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz 13

Another of the legendary mixtape series, this one is definitely more on the uptempo acid jazz tip. Put on those loafers, pull up your slacks, pour yourself a bevvie, saunter on over to the stereo, turn it up, become one w/the horns, strut your stuff.

46:57 minutes (64.48 MB)
Your rating: None Rating Average: 8.7 (14 votes)

Mark Farina - Tahoe Snow Session

Cool house grooves.

73:37 minutes (101.11 MB)
Your rating: None Rating Average: 10 (1 vote)

Mark Farina - Almost Summer 2

46:37 minutes (64.01 MB)
No votes yet

Mark Farina - Almost Summer 1

Farina pushing groovy house grooves way back when. An early to mid90s tape rip of serious status amongst San Fran & Chi-town house gangsters.

46:27 minutes (63.8 MB)
Your rating: None Rating Average: 10 (1 vote)

Mark Farina - To Grow In - B

House music, Chicago-San Francisco variety, 92-96 era.

45:39 minutes (62.69 MB)
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Mark Farina - To Grow In - A

46:21 minutes (63.65 MB)
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Mark Farina - Childlike Wonder - B

Flipside to the '92 mixtape.

50:58 minutes (46.66 MB)
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