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Sandra Collins - Deep Sessions (Frisky Radio) - 1-11-2012

Cover (front)
  • Title: Sandra Collins - Deep Sessions (Frisky Radio) - 1-11-2012
  • Artist: Sandra Collins
  • Album: Deep Sessions (Frisky Radio) - 1-11-2012
  • Year: 2012
  • Length: 59:59 minutes (109.83 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 256Kbps (CBR)

01. 16 Bit Lolitas - You Are An Astronaut
02. Fiord & Simon Flower - High Tail (Jamie Stevens Remix)
03. Timo Maas - Kick 1 Kick 3 (Maetrik Sexy Remix)
04. Oliver Huntemann - Delirium
05. Innate, Ben Coda- Brighton Rocks (Michael Cassette Remix)
06. Paperclip People- 4 My Peepz (Dubfire Rework)
07. Visitor Seven - To Dust (Leon Windsor Remix)
08. Trent Cantrelle - I Want A Freak
09. Jerome IsmaAe - Speed
10. ThreeSixty, Dirty Harris - Louka (Funkagenda Edit)
11. Simon Jain - Last Exit
12. Weepee - Overlay
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I love kfsoh's opinions

He's bloody right in this thread.

@ Andy

Yes indeed... each to their own.. keep up the good work....


Music came before me and will continue long after I am gone. That I realize and I do know the history very well but most of the time, I choose to leave it out. I do wish I was more exposed to electronic music in the 80's, instead of me listening to debbie gibson among others. Same goes with the 90's but c'est la vie.

Do not worry, I am not leaving and I intend on continuing to make this place better or at least attempting to...

If people hate it....too bad

This place is far more interesting with me among others then without. You speak your mind and that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. I do not completely agree with them but its good that we have different views and opinions.


I did not discover EDM until 1998, which was probably why I was not looking to do the warehouse stuff. Music is emotion, hence why I get people to express their emotions in threads, so I can discover what certain music that meant a lot to me, means to other people.

Non Sequitur

You missed the point, Andy. My response was a compliment & the "overruled" comment no more than a joke.

As noted b4, your reflections are much appreciated but they lack an historical sense--you often write like history began when you became aware of what was happening around you in dance culture. Newsflash bro: it didn't. With your passion for tunage it wouldn't take much to understand & touch upon what's come before & where from, before embarking on your emotionally stirring, ocassionally Andy-stroking reflections. ;-)

There's potential in your writing to weave a deeper appreciation of electronic dance music, pre-1998, pre-1999, pre-2001, or whenever it became personal for you, into the emotionally charged recollections. This is another compliment.

In my view, a bit of historical consciousness will elevate your game. All the same, take it as you like...but don't stop writing--if you did, MR would be much less fun.

totus tuus


It seems that people decide to take notice of deejays because tongy made their track...essential new tune or because they got an essential mix. The West Coast was well in the early 90's with doc martin and others (read the gu019 linear notes). They were always doing their thing but it seemed they got more European props in the early 2000's. Donald Glaude, DJ Dan, Doc Martin, Behrouz were always playing around but they got more love in the UK...after the Essential Mix or just period, they got big. You are older than me, I could not legally attend real clubs until 2000, when I turned 19 and I missed out on lots of deejays.


Likely not as old as you think, Andy. When one couldn't get in the club, the warehouse was the venue--typically not a default option either.
Fact is, you haven't missed out b/c the seminal NA dance communities from the 90s period--whether they be in LA, San Diego, San Fran, Gainesville, Orlando, Chicago or Toronto--have archived sets, archived reflections & all this is accessible via the Googlator. The memories are there to peruse in much the same way as one would partake in an experience via the inlay card of a GU CD.
If anything, these reflections--just like those you share here--are more meaningful than the GU write-ups b/c they capture the emotive, & also spiritual, engagement w/the parties, tunes & DJs from various participants' perspective, thus making one's mental picture of those moments move vivid. totus tuus

the trance goddess

I remember when she played lots of stuff that I loved, tranceport 3 is still her finest moment. I remember hearing a story from a friend I knew in the states, he remembers playing tetris against her on some console after her set and she was coked up.

I believe she got the real credit when everyone was whoring West Coast Deejays around 2003, like Josh Gabriel (who was signed by Tongy because Dresden was like a talent scout back then for tongy, he told me), then you have Gabriel join Dresden as the duo. You have Sandra Collins, Christopher Lawrence, DJ Dan, Donald Glaude (now all are not west coast) but it seemed Tongy was pushing them on the Essential Mix. I always thought the most criminally neglected deejays were Taylor and Thomas Penton.

She had some great tracks around that time because she was the girlfriend of Justin Scott Dixon aka Voyager and he gave his re-edits and remixes to her first (guess she was making him very happy!).

Oakenfold then picked her up and by then, I think she was past her best before date. No matter what happens, she is still huge on the west coast.


Andy, truly appreciate your reflections.

Historically-speaking, however, your analysis is limited by the scope of your own dance experience. Collins threw down many west coast sets in your locale--Toronto--long before 2003 w/a significant stable of other West Coast jocks (principally those you note in your post, but several more besides). Her sound was always prog & trance w/house & break elements, & her recent work is reflective of where she was then: fun DJ, bunch of good tunes, sometimes dominating but usually just good.

You're correct here though: Tong's "discovery" of Collins was pretty stale, & that's being generous. You're also on point w/your comment about Taylor. Even so, most agree Collins was at her best from about '96 to '01 when the overall prog sound she pushed worked percussive tribal vibes into breaks while never losing sight of its house backbone. IMO, she's retreated to the hoi polloi of dance DJs. totus tuus

and being voyager\s

girlfriend. Hence why she played all the exclusive voyager mixes and tracks. They broke up tho...

Sandra Collins

I Only heard 1 Sandra Collins set before @ Gatecrasher Summer Soundsystem in 2001, she played a blinder. Never got round to any other of her sets.. So i will definately give this one a listen. I see Kick 1 Kick 3 Features in yet another Dj set, Seriously that track has been round the block more times than a gypsy's dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

decent set

I have not heard much from her in the last few years, liked this set. Good call on Tranceport 3, always liked that mix. I also always liked her Cream CD from 2001, good dark set. I remember every time she was booked here back in the day, she never showed up. Always wanted to see her live.

and when I head it

Nice reference, M3NTAL, KC

Nice reference, M3NTAL, KC was a local hero and I must've worn out that and his follow up CD, heh (guilty pleasure admitted...).

everytime I hear her name

I think Tranceport 3

same, Andy. Don't think

same, Andy. Don't think she'll ever escape it, either... or be as good. Decent set here, tho, nonetheless.